Third Eye Sunglasses Announces Sale

“Third Eye Sunglasses”
Shivas’ “Third Eye Sunglasses” have been a popular pair of eyeglasses for festival goers since they were first worn by the artist Prince. Just in time for Valentine’s Day the company is announcing a sale on the popular glasses.

Las Vegas, NV – 30 Jan, 2017 – Third Eye Sunglasses are a unique pair of sunglasses that not only protect both eyes, but also the mystical third eye that rests at the brain’s pineal gland. The sunglass maker Shivas wanted to develop a fashionable set of sunglasses that were fun and forward, but also to make a statement about focus. The third eye has been said to be the home of the soul in just about every ancient religion known to man. The sunglasses are a reminder that there is more to existence, more to see than what simply meets the eye.

“We believe in elevating the mind and consciousness,” says Mark. “With our glasses we’re not just putting out a fashion statement, we’re making a philosophical one. We’re asking people to look inside for what matters rather than looking outwards. We are putting our sunglasses on sale for Valentine’s Day in the hopes that other people will recognize the truth in what we’re saying and share this thought with others.”

The sunglasses are now on sale for only $25. While they’re most often purchased for festivals, they are also perfect for walking around town and making a statement. The round lenses are a throwback to the Lennon spectacle of the 60s and with that look Shivas wants people to think about a time when people cooperated to change the world. “We’re asking people not to just show off their inner soul but to protect it.” – Mark.

Third Eye Sunglasses retail at $25 on sale and come with a bag that also acts as a cleansing cloth.

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