BoxThin Health Product Helps to Simplify Dieting

A new diet tool, BoxThin, makes creating a healthy, balanced diet easy.

BoxThin, a new diet and health product is now available for purchase.  The product combines chef’s rings and eat well guide to create simple and easy to use squares that help you eat better and healthier.

Using a color-coded system, BoxThin helps consumers know how much of each kind of food group they need to be eating in order to maintain a healthy diet.  Makers of BoxThin wanted to create a product that was simple and easy to use but also effective.

“Dieting can be really hard and confusing.  We created BoxThin to make dieting simple.  It’s not about giving up all the foods you love, it’s about learning portion control and how a balanced diet should look.” – David Miles, Founder

One of the main focuses for the BoxThin product has been to improve the health of its users. By simplifying the process of making a balanced diet, BoxThin can help consumers not only lose weight but also gain an overall healthier body.  “A well-balanced diet can lead to many positive outcomes for your body,” says inventor David Miles. “Your overall health improves which can lead to more energy, a better night sleep, and a healthier looking and functioning body.” More energy can also lead to healthier habits and lifestyles like exercising and becoming more active.

The boxes sometimes referred to as chefs’ rings, help consumers eat well instead of starving themselves.  BoxThin makers believe that the key to any good diet is balance, not neglect. The BoxThin product is available for purchase on Kickstarter.

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