Call To Unite Country From U.S.-Based Entrepreneur

In an open letter to President Trump, Crowdfunding expert and angel investor Ike Lemuwa asks for the enactment of the National Conference on Forgiveness and Reconciliations to unite the people of the United States

In an effort to unite the United States, a prominent Nigerian-born author, angel investor, public speaker and crowdfunding expert, Ike Lemuwa, implored the president to immediately enact the National Conference on Forgiveness and Reconciliations to save the citizens of this country. In an open letter, Lemuwa asked President Donald Trump to stop the divide that is happening in the United States by offering his expertise and experience to help convene a conference to begin the healing of the country.

Lemuwa is a Nigerian-born, American citizen that has headed various CEO coaching groups including the Ike Lemuwa Mastermind Platinum Group and 198TILG United States of America CEO Networks. In his letter to President Trump, Lemuwa called for immediate action to unite the people of the United States regardless of religion, race, culture or gender. Through the National Conference on Forgiveness and Reconciliations, Americans will be able to bring forth their differences and seek solutions that will allow the country to move forward as one.

In the letter, Lemuwa pointed to the great divide that has fractured the country with the election of President Trump to office. There has been much civil unrest followed by protests that are only expected to escalate without a solution in place to resolve the differences of the people. With the National Conference on Forgiveness and Reconciliations, President Trump will be able to allow the people of the United States to come together and air their grievances and truly move forward as one country with a nation of people that are united.

Lemuwa asked President Trump to stop ignoring the majority of people that are dissatisfied with this country saying, “For too long your administrators have catered to just the top 1 percent of the wealthiest individuals, groups, and communities of the United States. This is no way to run a country by ignoring  hundreds of Millions of Americans that feel they are not included under your leadership. Don’t alienate them any longer. Make the effort to include all individuals of the United States of America regardless of their religion, race, culture or gender.”

In addition, Lemuwa called for President Trump to create the country that all citizens have envisioned. Only through a National Conference on Forgiveness and Reconciliations, can he lift up the people and create a united front. This is the only way that, President Trump can truly, Make America Great Again and have the people of the United States on his side.

President Trump came into office on Jan. 20, 2017 after a tumultuous campaign that left much of the country divided. He has many great supporters and many great detractors that are protesting his leadership. Even on his inauguration day, protests erupted in Washington, D.C. which was followed by a Women’s March of thousands on the capital.

In order for President Trump to succeed in his leadership, he needs to enact the National Conference on Forgiveness and Reconciliations, and allow the country to begin the healing process. Lemuwa has offered his assistance to develop a conference and process that will give the country the opportunity to seek forgiveness and acceptance among its people and leadership.

Through his help, Lemuwa believes the National Conference on Forgiveness and Reconciliations is what the United States needs to heal and begin moving forward. He offered President Trump the opportunity to put this conference in place and begin the process of Making America Great Again. Through a system of direct reporting, Lemuwa will put forth the effort of uniting the country under President Trump’s leadership through his knowledge and understanding of what it takes to bring people together as he has done in more than 200 countries through the 198TILG United States of America CEO Network.

About Ike Lemuwa

Ike Lemuwa is a Nigerian-born, American writer and consultant, based in Alexandria, Virginia. He is the head of the Ike Lemuwa Community Fundraising Coaching Group, as well as the author of several books on creating successful crowdfunding campaigns. He has initiated numerous CEO coaching and advising initiatives including the ILG CEO Branding Support Team, as well as the Reputation Defender Team and Reputation Assassin Team.

For more information about Lemuwa, visit or his LinkedIn profile.

About Ike Lemuwa Mastermind Group

The Ike Lemuwa Mastermind Group was established to train its members to help solve problems in their local communities by designing educational products and services. The Group provides coaching and other training for its members, who are referred to as CEOs, so that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to help local businesses and micro-enterprises to develop and thrive.

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