Wearing 2017 Konlem Contass sunglasses, anyone will be a fully avant-garde trendsetter

An Emerging Brand

Founded in 2016, Konlem Contass is an emerging fashionable and trend-setting sunglass brand targeting 20-35-year-old avant-garde person. With exquisite workmanship and high-quality materials, Konlem Contass glasses combine the most popular fashionable elements for style design, which have been highly appreciated by the majority of consumers soon after its releasement.

In addition, magnificent shape and delicate design treatment highlight Konlem Contass glasses quite a lot, facilitating the brand well-known long ago for its high quality and beautiful look in the highly competitive sunglass market. Based on high-end customers, committed to creating domestic high-end eyeglass brand, Konlem Contass glasses mainly focus on online marketing, but in the future, Konlem Contass will spread out to the national second-tier cities, forming the national sales network of its own.

Wearing 2017 konlem contass sunglasses, anyone will be a fully avant-garde trendsetter

Wearing 2017 konlem contass sunglasses, anyone will be a fully avant-garde trendsetter

Imported Materials

Konlem Contass glasses apply new coating materials from South Korea for lens, which are then well processed into the latest resin lens coating characterized by flat lens and excellent material. On the basis of waterproof features of the original coating, the new lens also adds oilproof coating to enable its dustproof, waterproof and anti-pollution function 3 times higher than ordinary resin lens. Even with 10,000 times of continuous wiping and 200 hours of continuous heating, waterproof features can also be basically unchanged.

Furthermore, the lens surface is coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride in order to prevent strong light reflection, so that people can see things more clearly without strong light interference. Combining the appearance and practicality is a clever way to not only maintain the fashionable style of sunglasses themselves, but also play a role in protecting the eyes.

Lens Test

Konlem Contass makes a rigorous and prudent test for each pair of glasses in accordance with international testing standards for sunglasses to ensure that the sunglasses are in compliance with the using standard, do not hurt the human body, and really play an effective role in the eye care and sun shading.

Under the supervision of National Inspection and Testing Center for Ophthalmic Optics Products, all sunglasses of Konelm Contass have been recognized and approved to be on sale by the Center as professional, safe and reliable high-end sunglasses in strict accordance with the testing standards and procedures, so customers can be at ease in use. Our service objective is to service every customer with heart.

Wearing 2017 konlem contass sunglasses, anyone will be a fully avant-garde trendsetter

Personally Customized

Konlem Contass glasses provide personally customized business for different customers with different needs. We’ve designed a number of personally customized sunglasses for customers to purchase and order, after which we’ll have them put into production to produce exclusive new products.

Moreover, Konlem Contass always pre-communicates with customers to understand their needs, provides one-stop design of sunglass style, lens size, etc., and makes detailed processing and customization in terms of eye shape, color, size and wearing design to create unique and customer needs-based glasses. Besides, Konlem Contass is also committed to free oiling and polishing for spectacle frames, and replacing the lens to ensure that the customer’s eyes are effectively protected.

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