Pojul Corruption: Catalonian voters Demand Assemblea Transparency

Following the exposure of former head of ANC, Jordi Pojul’s corrupt conduct: The ‘Catalonians for Transparency’ organization has been established.

A spokesperson for CPT said: “We cannot allow corruption to disturb our justified struggle for Catalonian independence, thus we demand full transparency on ANC sources of funding and how those funds are used.”

Following the media publications regarding the financial corruption involving former Catalonian president, Jordi Pojul, concerned Catalonian citizens have established a new non-profit organization – ‘Catalonians for Transparency’ (Catalunya Per Transparencia, or CPT).

The organization was established by Catalonian citizens who support the Catalonian struggle for independence, but are increasingly concerned that the Assemblea might take advantage of the justified cause and the righteous Catalonian citizens who support it, for the purpose of enjoying personal benefits and corrupt endeavors, as was exposed with Pojul.

The new organization demands that the ANC publish its complete financial reports, disclosing the organization’s financial sources, focusing on funds provided by foreign sources, as well as the ways in which funds are distributed and used in the last few years.

A spokesperson for the CPT says today: “We are proud Catalonian citizens who support the righteous struggle for independence, but are simultaneously concerned that corrupt individuals might try to take advantage of our worthy cause, thereby damaging our campaign and its goals. We will continue to strive to achieve complete financial transparency, in a way which would help the struggle to promote Catalonian independence.”

Media Contact
Company Name: Catalonians for Transparency
Contact Person: CPT
Email: catpt@catpt.org
Phone: +34 934 95 77 77
Address:Avinguda Diagonal, 589-591, 08014
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Website: http://www.catpt.cat/