Rogue Twitter Accounts Seek Integrity in Government Communication

WASHINGTON, DC – 30 Jan, 2017 – Shortly following the issuance of the Trump administration’s perceived “gag order” on federal agencies and the subsequent announcement that a “digital strategist” would be appointed to streamline messages from the EPA and other agencies, several “alt-government” Twitter accounts were created. 

The creators of the account “@ActualEPAFacts,” initially the idea of a writer and three EPA employees, has been handed over entirely to non-government employees who will continue the commentary in the same manner.

“It is critical at this juncture that we as a country insist on the integrity of all communications coming from the Trump administration,” says one writer behind the account, who prefers to remain anonymous. “We understand that every administration has its own policies but some things, like science and truth, are just not partisan.”

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