“Gourmet Organic Best Roast Coffee Founder outside his LA coffee shop holding award for best coffee and Espresso.”
The NCA 2016 drinking trends report indicates USA demand from the daily coffee sector is higher and shifted to gourmet. Organic gourmet coffee company Best Roast Coffee, provided public company SFM a scalable coffee shop model and in 2016 SFM entered the 16 Billion PA sector adding 60 coffee locations in 10 months. Now 2017, Starbucks has posted a disappointing quarterly growth and cut its annual sales forecast by half on Thursday. Bloomberg reports it signals that Starbucks’ momentum is slowing

The dawn of a new coffee era has arrived as last weeks Starbucks stock market announcment and reduced forcast earning hit Starbucks investors. Bloomberg reported that the results indicated that Starbucks momentum is slowing. Today as the sun rises, the truth of the coffee industry shift is coming to light through one gourmet coffee company chain’s rapid growth by successfully opening 60 locations in 10 months throughout 2016. Best Roast Coffee, LLC is now planning the establishment of 250 locations for 2017, fueled by high demand for gourmet organic coffee. 

Best Roast Coffee, LLC has created a 4 feet scalable non- skilled labour model, and offers full organic gourmet solution with procedure manual for big box grocery chains, hotels, and retail shops to use. In some cases, big box grocery chains are adding three best roast coffee counters to their stores a week to meet the growing demand for the organic gourmet coffee. The chain also enables large big box grocery to self-brand their own made-to-order coffee product, and eradicates the need for the grocery chains to continue to pay license fees to their existing in-store coffee solution providers. The co-founder of Best Roast Coffee, LLC  Julia Yim says, “Data does not lie, the reality is that the millennial’s are here, and they now out-number the baby boomers, so the new consumer has caused the coffee industry to change too. Consumers simply don’t want traditional grab-and-go type of coffee anymore. If the existing coffee brands don’t shift; it does not matter how big they are, the data suggest their product will be with the minority group of demand”.  

The National Coffee Association of America (NCA) first cited the coffee industry shift in USA in their 2014 national drinking trends report. In 2015, Starbucks first reacted and introduced their gourmet coffee range.  The irony is that Starbucks introduced the flat white coffee which comes from Australia and countries like Australia have long-established gourmet coffee, making business hard for Starbucks who ultimately closed down their Australian locations leading to a loss of millions to the embattled Starbucks. The 2016 NCA drinking trends report indicates that the demand for the daily made-to-order coffee has increased and Best Roast Coffee (BRC) is capitalizing on this report.  

BRC developed a full organic gourmet coffee solution enabling existing retail and big box grocery chains to sell made-to-order organic and gourmet coffee and espresso to health conscious customers. This strategy worked as retailers now seek to attract into their store the daily coffee drinkers who account for over 16 billion spending per year in USA.  BRC expanded from 1 to over 60 locations coast to coast in 10 months as national grocery retailer chain Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) entered  the lucrative 16 billion cups per day coffee drinkers sector, and increased their profits. 

Now in 2017 as SMF  continues to expand into the growing 16 billion CPD coffee drinkers sector, the company is positioned in to core of the merging market.  Best Roast Coffee continues to be a full organic solution for SFM and other retailers now seeking to replace their existing in-store coffee counter with full organic, gourmet coffee and self brand too. Best Roast Coffee spokesperson; Julia Yim says “Big box retailers have been into sprouts and seen what SFM has done, enabling SFM to use their brand on our coffee and they seem to all see the advantages compared with what they currently have and want to switch to their own coffee brand too.”.  BRC is currently planning for  250 locations in 2017 as it partners with more publicly traded companies and now hotel groups too. Julia Yim says 250 locations is a very small amount, compared with what we can comfortably roll out and seek to increase this number”. 

We asked founder of BRC, Jason Roe – How did you come up with this idea? He said, “You need to have innovation, preferably a great idea so nobody can copy and compete with you. Once you have that it comes down to three things; you need to have a plan, make the idea scalable, and roll out. Amazon started from selling books in a home garage, and apple started the same way, two guys in a San Francisco house. We are no different, just two people that think different and share the belief that nothing is impossible”. The thinking of the person that started the company is the difference that separated Amazon, Apple, and today BRC from the crowd. 


Two people that think different and create their own brand. Sir Richard

Branson and Best Roast Coffee Founder, Jason Roe walk through airport

together discussing creative ideas.


The idea of Mr. Roe as an entrepreneur is different; one only needs to look at the thinking. Upon opening a coffee shop, typically the business owner would naturally want to sell coffee beverages and Espresso, and the coffee beans to their customers. Mr. Roe refused to sell his coffee beans, demonstrating his different thinking.  When we asked the entrepreneur – why? Mr. Roe said, “If you can go into a KFC and buy a piece of their raw chicken, and their secret herbs and spice mix and they allow you to take them both home to prepare for yourself… then I will allow people to do the same with my product and take my coffee beans home too, to prepare for themselves.” Our coffee is always made by a professional, on specialized commercial coffee equipment which makes it consistently smooth and good. By allowing customers to take it home, we run the risk of never seeing the customer again based on what they think of our coffee after they make it. Also having the coffee only available at the place of purchase causes repeat business and that’s our idea – to create more business for that place or brand our coffee shop model is in.” 

Mr. Roe also recognized that all his competitors had the same business focus -the coffee. Mr. Roe, who was working on a coffee research project with UCL, a London top 5 University at the time, turned his focus from the coffee to the water for the perfect cup. The idea at first led to the introduction of a reverse osmosis however he was not happy with that idea because bottle water companies had a focus on filtration alone. He switched research to quantum application of energy for water and invented the world’s first commercially available Quantum water; a combination of magnets and light energy in an eleven stage process. Not only did it produce a great cup of coffee, the company identified opportunity to bottle the water and proceeded to sell the water at the source in his coffee shop for a higher price than all other bottled water in the market. Water not transported to the shop or exposed to the sun, bottled at the source and sold at the source.  The company further expanded the water line of products by adding pieces of fruit to the bottle to create the Spa fruit water. This innovation appealed to the millennials. And very soon a Nonfiction book “The Force Is In You” which is about quantum water and the human beings co-dependence of the magnetics of the planet followed and is now on sale all over the planet in more than 80 countries. 

When asked about the innovations that BRC has in 2017, Mr. Roe said, “I am doing Collagen coffee – That is pure tasteless organic collagen in your daily espresso or coffee creating the healthiest coffee in USA. Adding collagen will infuse the coffee with the healthy benefits of collagen which will improve health of skin and hair, boost metabolism, strengthen nails, hair and teeth, and increase overall protein. As a human one tends to trust the eyes, and what they can touch; collagen coffee is an easy concept for creating a healthy coffee. And we have already tested the idea last year in Sprouts Farmers Market test kitchen. So this year I will scale it up and roll it out to the public. 

Mr Roe’s thinking demonstrates what it takes to be an entrepreneur. We are in exciting times, and technology no longer applies to a computer or smart phone device. The BRC success story takes technology beyond what we traditionally relate to as technology.

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