Law Offices of Monique Velarde Reyes offer Traffic Attorney Services in El Paso

El Paso, TX – The Law Office of Monique Velarde Reyes is a legal entity that handles traffic tickets and other criminal matters for the people of El Paso County since 2007. She negotiates the best possible outcome for her clients while saving them the time and money they would spend by going to court on their own. Whether one needs help for a city or county traffic ticket, DUI offense or a state criminal offense, the Law Office of Monique Velarde Reyes will handle the case.

The spokesperson for the Law Office of Monique Velarde Reyes said, “A criminal defense lawyer could safeguard an individual from substantial penalties, even more, compared to that, they could potentially reduce or stop altogether prison time. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to talk to a criminal defense lawyer prior to winding up in court. Don’t plead guilty prior to talking to a lawyer or prior to dealing with authorities encouraging you, the individual, to plead guilty.  The very best strategy is to speak to a criminal defense lawyer first and figure out exactly what this could involve. Quite literally, your freedom is at stake here.”

It’s advisable not to take any unnecessary risks when it comes to one’s record.  There are many parts of the process that will work against an individual if they don’t have an experienced attorney working in their corner. The Law Office of Monique Velarde Reyes makes sure that clients understand their services and clarifies expectations. Representation on their behalf for their traffic tickets, moving violations, careless driving, reckless driving or even DUI charges. Although she has been very successful with positive resolutions of citations, sha cannot guarantee the dismissal of every case. Her office will give a client clear expectations and explain to them the potential outcomes of their citation. Dismissals are not guaranteed; only their efforts in negotiating a favorable resolution.

Communication is very key in any relationship, including one with an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in El Paso Texas. Her office works hard to keep those lines of communication open. Whether it be through a phone call, an email, or just stopping by the office, their staff will keep clients informed of the status of their speeding ticket, moving violation, DUI or criminal defense cases. Although most of her time is spent in traffic court, she is always available through email and if needed, she’ll make time to see clients at her office. She’ll work on her clients’ cases as an El Paso TX Traffic Ticket Attorney, so that her clients don’t have to. Services offered by the Law Office of Monique Velarde Reyes include; traffic tickets, criminal defense, occupational license hearings, driving while intoxicated (DWI), warrants, family violence, and misdemeanor or felony drug offenses.

Law Office of Monique Velarde Reyes is located at 801 Myrtle Ave. Suite 104 in El Paso TX. (79901).

The company can be contcted via phone at 915-412-6818 or at their website

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Company Name: Law Office of Monique Velarde Reyes
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Phone: 915-412-6818
Address:801 Myrtle Ave. Suite 104
City: El Paso
State: Texas
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