Multi Level Marketing and Digital Money are United

Everyone knows of Multi level marketing (MLM), no matter if you love it or hate it, it’s big business,  with over 200 Billion dollars last year trading worldwide inside it. Now comes Digital money or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin being the most well known). Its safe, its more secure than paper money, its easy to transfer to people worldwide, and gaining popularity in an exceedingly rapid rate.

A company called Referral Group has entered both spaces, marrying the two powerhouses for the benefit of all.  The Referral Foundation has introduced a cryptocurrency called ReferralCoins, being traded as RCoin. A spokesperson for the Referral Foundation states “The RCoin is a way that all Network Marketing companies can use another platform to both collect and pay its people with more security, faster payouts to their members and  less internal costs than what they are doing today.” Allowing members to be paid in RCoins as well as pay for products as well as internal fees makes it easier for everyone involved.

The Foundations’ plans are to allow each independent Network Marketing company to use and trade their RCoins for cash as well as all products and services for the MLM companies that are part of the Referral. This creates a worldwide ecosystem within the Network marketing business, while giving an extra layer of security for all the members.

The Referral Foundation openly invites the owners of any and all legitimate MLM companies, big or small, to join the Foundation to empower their people.

Media Contact
Company Name: Referral Foundation
Contact Person: Dean
Country: United States