Drug Rehab Knoxville TN Center Re-Launches Its Successful Therapy Procedures

Farragut, TN – Goodman Center, LLC, a drug rehab center, Knoxville TN founded, announce they are re-launching their series of successful therapy programs for drug addiction and substance abuse treatment, where science leads the way for optimal treatment. This center specializes in giving succor to patients ravaged by weight, mental health, and pain management challenges.

“Comprehensive wellness focuses on behavioral health science determines our strategy,” Goodman Center, LLC spokesperson, Lewis Frazer says. “This center defines successful treatment as when a patient returns to normalcy. The emphasis here is on the importance attached to treating a patient rather than the disorder afflicting him or her. Research into science has revealed that the numerous facets to attaining wellness include nutritional, psychological, and physical healing that are needed to attain optimal outcomes.”

One of the programs that patients go through on admission is the Sinclair Method developed by Dr. David Sinclair. This program has risen from more than thirty years of study and positive results back its validity. It has a success rate of about eighty percent in converting patients ravaged by alcoholism into normal drinkers. It uses FDA-approved naltrexone, an opiate antagonist. The product changes the opioid system within a patient’s brain, leading to a significant reduction in the desire to drink. Patients undergoing this treatment regain control over their alcoholism within a six-month period. Another program involves nutritional treatments. Without correcting malnourishment in a patient, the patient has higher risks of a non-successful treatment. Nutritional therapy, therefore, becomes a critical ingredient since it directly relates to depression, performance, and anxiety issues.

Medication-assisted recovery program is another avenue of recovery. On offer is a medically assisted but non-narcotic pharmaceutical mode of therapy that treats addictions and reduces cravings. The result is a more effective recovery for a patient. Suboxone or methadone maintenance therapy is not on offer, however, due to prolonging of addictions to more than three years when compared to when it is not administered.

Other forms of treatment on offer include pain and weight management through non-narcotic painkillers and topical pain creams including holistic treatment in controlling the amount of food eaten. Another program involves mental health therapy that works from a harm reduction approach.  Social support programs and the establishment of support networks control lack of human connections that lead to drug and alcohol addiction. Sleep disorder assistance fixes a huge factor that leads to addiction and substance abuse.

For further information about substance abuse remedies, use the information listed below to contact Goodman Center, LLC.

Goodman Center, LLC is located at 116 Concord Rd Ste 100 in Farragut, TN (37934).

The company can be contacted via phone at 865-888-4100 or at their website http://goodmancenter.com/

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Phone: 865-888-4100
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