IGModelSearch Launches Social Model Search Platform for Influence Modeling that Goes Beyond Instagram

Hermosa Beach, CA – Building a modeling career on Instagram sounds cool, but real success may still be elusive. IGModelSearch (IGMS) is currently the largest database out there for Instagram models, and has launched the Social Model Search platform, the only one of its kind networking tool that connects aspiring models to both their peers and brands.

Many models wish to know how to become an Instagram model. Building an Instagram profile is sadly not enough. The Social Model Search Platform is designed exclusively to let Instagram models enter a private network populated with other influencers and models, and which allows communication with brands for sponsored social media posts. Models on this network can chat and collaborate, and let others follow their posts, thus acting as an add-on tool that goes beyond a mere Instagram profile.

There are thousands of aspirants out there who wish to model on Instagram, but the winners aren’t necessarily the most photogenic, but the most well connected. The social media platform of IGMS was built exclusively for models to maintain a gallery for brands and receive feedback, message other models and brand representatives in real time, receive shoutouts for more exposure on Instagram, and learn the finer nuances of the profession.

The dream of Instagram models is to become influencers who work with their own preferred brands on sponsorship campaigns. The IGMS model directory is the largest searchable model database of its kind, and the company aims to groom well-paid Instagram models by helping them build a strong personal brand and forge strategic relationships with brands across the world.

“We allow the complete democratization of the modeling industry by allowing models to fully manage their profiles and communicate directly with brands and other models for gigs and growth,” said Johanna Andrada, IGModelSearch.

About IGMS

IGMS is the LARGEST database of Popular Instagram Models that allows people to easily search and obtain information. Brands can now get in front of millions of prospective fans in ways that never before existed, by connecting with these popular Instagram Models. Models can claim their profiles as public profiles, to use as a reference and for keeping track of their ongoing campaigns. Easily search our database of models or get started as a model.

To know more, please visit: www.IGModelsearch.com

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