First Book Released: ‘Quest Chasers – The Deadly Cavern’

Writing duo, Grace and Thomas Lockhaven, have announced they are to start a Kickstarter campaign to launch a new series of books called “Quest Chasers”.

The pair who live in Boston, MA, have unveiled the first in a number of planned releases, The Deadly Cavern, a magical children’s story with amazing twists, laugh-out-loud humor and unforgettable characters.

Grace, a former fiction writer, and Thomas, a former marketer and copywriter, founded the concept of Quest Chasers in 2015, and are excited about the project.

Launching later on in January, the Kickstarter campaign will provide the necessary funding to realize the success of this series, and bring together a community of book lovers and upcoming authors.

The Deadly Cavern has already been described by one reader as “Harry Potter meets National Treasure”, and the book is similar in style to the popular J.K. Rowling creations. 

The book series, aimed at children aged 9-90, has already received widespread interest from both established and upcoming authors. The Deadly Cavern has been edited by award-winning author, David Aretha, who has worked on 150 books for a number of publishers.

David reports an “unexpected and chilling” ending.

“Eevie and Tommy brim with personality, energy and emotion, and their spirits soar and plummet dependent on the situation. Female readers will enjoy their witty banter, find Eevie cool and engaging, and perhaps, develop a little crush on Tommy – the kind of boy buddy they wish they had… who’s handsome and heroic to boot,” he added.

Over the coming weeks, Grace and Thomas will focus their attention on building an online community and driving awareness about the project.

Head to the website,, to pick up a limited release copy of The Deadly Cavern, for just $4.99 from Amazon and 2.99 for the Kindle version. 

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