Illustra Distribution & K9 Studios Presents \”Divided State of America\”

“Mission Statement: Collaborating with various artists and producers to promote positive change in the community through music…one song at a time!”
Illustra Distribution & K9 Studios announced to day the release of Hot New Album “Divided State Of America” scheduled to be released worldwide Feb 17th 2017 on all Major Digital Outlets.

“We are very excited about this project and the ability to bring great talent together” said Anna Jennings Co-Founder K9 Studios.

“Our Mission is to be a Major Resource for Independent Artist on A Major Platform” said David Jennings Co-Founder K9 Studios.

Available Feb 17th 2017

Watch “Down For My City” Now!

About K9 Studios

David and Dorothea Anna Jennings created and founded K9 Studio & Entertainment, LLC, on February 8, 2008, in Midland, GA. Since the beginning, K9 Studio & Entertainment, LLC has worked with and mentored various artists and producers. They saw a need in the community to assist young men and women to pursue their musical aspirations. They are heavily involved in the community and charitable organizations. Their musical index consists of 10 albums and numerous singles. David Jennings is the Operations Manager for IMF and Illustra Distribution. Anna Jennings is the Business Affairs Manager for IMF and Illustra Distribution. They operate with positive motto: “Each One, Teach One.”

Starr Z. Carlisle Sr. was born and raised in Atlanta, GA with a passion for music and entertainment. Beginning as a rapper, turned videographer, he gained some knowledge by joining street teams, such as: V-103’s Ryan Cameron, Frank Ski, and Ludacris. His mission is to fight for independent artists to have a platform to showcase their talent.

JaMonte Green was born and raised in South Carolina. Monte G, 24 years old, knew he wanted to sing and perform after watching the “Jamie Foxx Show.” The eldest of six siblings, Monte G began performing in talent shows and other venues since the 2ndgrade. He is currently a member of the group DKV (Different Kinda Vision).

Nathaniel Hill began rapping at the age of 12, and recorded his first single at the age of 18. Since then, he has performed at local venues, including: Martini’s, Glass House, Phase 1, MTV Lounge, and many more. He strives to make motivational music with musical influences, such as, B.O.B and T.I..

D’Mori Morton is a 37 year old, U.S Army Staff Sergeant and father of 7 beautiful children. A native of Brownsville, FL, Stylzz dedicated himself to Hip Hop at a very young age. His musical influences include: Doug E. Fresh, Eric B, and Rakim. He incorporated his love of poetry to aid him when entering rap battles. During his military service, he made time to continue to perfect his craft and perform with groups, such as: 1st Family ENT and Deep Cover. He recorded his first album, “Da RE-introduction” and mixtape “Conceited Muzik: Volume 1” with K9 Studios & Entertainment, LLC. Since those projects, he has evolved into a more positive and spiritual artist, which can be observed in his latest work with tracks like: “FREEDOM” and “POWER.”

DeAngelo Burnham was born in Fort Jackson, SC and raised in Columbus, GA. PoLo has been a natural entertainer and music lover since birth. He served honorably in the U.S. Army. PoLo has performed at several local and Atlanta venues, to include: Eleven45 Lounge, Maximum Xposure Artist Showcase, and HOT 107.9 Birthday Bash. PoLo is a recording artist for DRUGS clothing and apparel and will be traveling to Canada to further his career and aspirations!

Branden King was born in Fort Knox, KY. Dom has used music as an escape, listening to all genres. His major influences include: 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Twista, UGK, and Scarface, just to name a few. Dom began rapping in his neighborhood group, but it was not until 2010, that he released his first solo effort, “World Domonation,” on The project gained notoriety, allowing him to be featured in Mr. Dreamz Magazine, WWS Magazine and placement on DJ Skrugg Mkduk Unsigned Hype Vols. 4&7. In 2014, Dom signed with K9 Studio & Entertainment, LLC, where he teamed up with producer, Guddie Brunsun.

Ardese Day Jr., is a native of Columbus and son of a local DJ, who grew up listening to an array of music. As a child, Lil 40 taught himself how to play the drums. During that time, he also began writing. While maturing in his craft, he performed locally and internationally. He is currently a member of the group, “Undisputed.” His future aspirations include owning and operating a record label as well as becoming a national touring act. Lil 40 is known for his diversity, uniqueness, and authenticity.

Timothy Davis is an aspiring Hip Hop artist/songwriter from Columbus, GA. Known for his versatile flow, hype performances, and artistic attitude, Bonk seeks to become an independent artist. He was signed to K9 Studios & Entertainment, LLC in 2011

Hernandez Hubbard is an artist and videographer. He has made vast contributions to this project. He was born in Phenix City, AL and resides in Columbus GA. Dirdie Berg is known for making good music and his mission is to continue by any means necessary. He is also interested in artist development with his business “Dirdie Berg Films.”

Devan Mungin was born in Fort Benning, GA. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production. He has won the 98.3 Beat Award Show Producer of Year, three times in one year, but has 7 awards to date. He wants to leave his mark on the world by inspiring people to live out their passion. He has worked with various artists/producers to include Zaytoven, Jackie Chain, and Bohagon. He volunteers his time and effort to charitable organizations and is an instructor for Hip Hop dance for all ages. He is multi-talented with skills in photography, videography, choreography, music engineering, and artist development.

Jonathan Bass represents a part of the South that is too often overlooked, Guddie Brunson’s primary objective is to let the world know “Who Drummin” in the state of Alabama. Born and raised in Phenix City AL, Guddie’s inspirations include super producers Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, and Zaytoven. Guddie has credits for several local artists in the Alabama and Columbus, GA area including Doe B, Alley Boy, Spydah Soze, Big D, Lil Nuke, DK, KODB, Badd News, and a list of others.  The movement that Guddie Brunson has sparked alongside Chief Entertainment, has definitely positioned him on the road to success.

Terrence Robinson is a native of Columbus, GA. He began his music production career as a hobby by creating beats for his brother and other local and regional artists. In February 2012, T Rob signed a contract with TrackHustlaz Productionz, LLC, a music production company under Defient Entertainment, a subsidiary of Grand Hustle Records. His future endeavors include the expansion of his multimedia company with services to include, but not limited to web hosting & HTML/Flash integration and promotion.

Dennis Jones Jr. was born in Fort Benning, GA. He has been producing music since 2011. He is currently pursuing an audio production degree. His future aspiration is to expand his music entertainment company entitled, “Mad Rich.”

Mr. Richardson was born and raised in Columbus, GA. He comes from a musical background. Having a passion for music since birth, he taught himself how to play the lead and bass guitar and the drums. An U.S. Army veteran, he currently ministers through music at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church. He is also a member of several musical groups: The Gospel Souls of Columbus, Undisputed, Five Trumpets of Columbus, and Channel Xero.

Khalil Richardson is a self-taught musician from LaGrange, GA. He plays the keyboard, drums, bass guitar, and organ. With a strong passion and love for music, he chooses to use his gifts and talents to minister through music as an organist at Friendship Baptist Church in Columbus, GA.

Erik Williams was born and raised in Havana, FL. He taught himself how to play the drums, bongos, and congas. Pocketman ministers through music, at a local church ad gospel band called the Five Trumpets of Columbus.

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