Crash Barrier Systems Market Estimated To Grow At A Progressive Rate During the Forecast Period 2016-2022

The rising demand of flexible barrier systems which require low cost of repair after crashes is triggering the growth of crash barrier market, globally. Wire rope barriers, are generally more forgiving than other types because most of the impact energy is dissipated by deflection of the barrier and lower impact forces are imposed on the vehicle and its occupants.

Crash Barriers also known as Traffic barriers or guardrails that are used to keep vehicles on their side within the roadway, thus preventing collision with tress, sign boards, walls, buildings and other objects near the roadside. They are also installed to prevent the vehicles going on the steep side of the road or in the water bodies near the road. The crash barriers can also be installed in the areas such as near schools, fuel tanks or pedestrian walking zones.

The need for road crash barrier is to ensure safety of the vehicle drivers as well as the occupants from accidents. But sometimes injuries can occur due to collision with road crash barrier itself, so it is important to install barrier where there is less possibility of collision.

The Crash Barrier Systems Market is derived by increasing awareness and safety precautions among the consumers. The crash barriers are designed to reduce the possibilities of car or truck crashes. There are different types of crash barriers depending upon the requirement they are installed. The types of road barriers include wire rope barriers or rigid barriers. The wire rope barriers are more effective as they absorb the energy while collision and also reduce the severity of the crash. While Rigid barrier are not so efficient as the cannot absorb more energy, thus the energy is sent back to the vehicle which causes greater damage.

Crash Barrier Systems Market is driven by increasing transportation and construction in all developed and developing countries.

Crash Barrier Systems Market is divided on the basis of types, technology, device, application and geography. On the basis of types of crash barriers there are two types portable barrier system and fixed barrier system. Mostly portable systems are more in use as there is a huge demand of them in the global market. The technology used in the global barrier systems includes rigid barriers, semi-rigid barriers and flexible barriers. The Crash Barrier Systems Market includes various crash barrier devices depending on the area where it is installed. The types of devices are crash cushions, gating and non-gating products, guardrails energy absorbent terminals (geat), water and sand filled plastic barriers, hex-foam sandwich systems, brake master and low maintenance attenuators. These devices are installed in different areas such as roadside barriers, median barriers, work zone barriers, bridge barriers, hilly terrains, racing tracks, and pedestrian foot path barriers.

The Crash Barrier Systems Market on the bases of geography is growing enormously. Europe shares the largest market share in the global barrier system followed by APAC region. Asia is considered to be the fastest growing region during the forecast period 2016-2022 owing the growing industries and demand for road safety.

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The Major Players in this Market Include

  • Rs Security Co Ltd

  • Hill & Smith Ltd

  • Certified Traffic Controllers, Inc.

  • Stalfa Sp. Z O.O. (Llc)

  • Avon Barrier Corporation Ltd.

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