TNEC Media, Marketing, and Consulting Presents Strategic Idea For Marketing and Advertising That Guarantee Profit In an Ever-Changing Market

31 January, 2017 – Marketing, media and consulting company TNEC Media, Marketing and Consulting, proudly announce the availability of its services in helping companies analyze, create and implement cutting edge and results-driven marketing strategies. TNEC Media, Marketing, and Consulting represents, plans and develops, and helps to support many charities and not for profits.

Specialized in business solutions, the company uses innovative and unique strategies to produce the best overall media and marketing for companies. The company creates profitable solutions for businesses by conducting in-depth research consensus, analyze companies’ past strategies and find out niche works best.

“Great and successful companies change as much as time changes. They maximize the opportunities presented by each change;  they change to maximize the market. We understand that marketing and advertising also have changed with the market. While we are enhancing your primary revenue platforms, we also tap into the non-profitable sectors of your company and create alternative revenue pipelines you may not have known were available to you,” says Tiffany Nichole Easterlin-Casanova, C.E.O of TNEC Media, Marketing, and Consulting.

TNEC Media, Marketing, and Consulting is well known for its strategic marketing approach, taking an in-depth analysis of a client’s company, brand, and or talent; and redirect non-profitable sectors by strategically initiating other alternative revenue platforms. The company promotes a revenue model that allows companies to find alternative profitable streamlines while continuing to develop and improve their primary business platforms overall.

About the
TNEC Media, Marketing, and Consulting

TNEC Media, Marketing, and Consulting is led by the energetic female business owner, Tiffany Nichole Easterlin-Casanova. She specializes in Strategic Niche Market Strategies for brands, people, and companies. She has represented clients both internationally and domestically here in the USA. She currently represents clients in Fashion, Sports, Film, Music, Entertainment, Corporate, and Real-estate. Tiffany runs TNEC Media, Marketing, and Consulting which is  a full-service agency; from event coordinating to strategic planning, offering services such a photography and staffing options. The company has physical branches in New York City and Coming soon to Atlanta.

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Company Name: TNEC Media, Marketing, and Consulting
Contact Person: Tiffany Nichole Easterlin-Casanova
Phone: +1.646.639.5868
Country: United States