Top Law Firm Helps Clients to Reduce the Risk of Incarceration

Dothan, AL – A top law firm is committed to helping its clients reduce the risk of incarceration. The law firm – Parkman White LLP – achieves this through providing the exception defense that each case or client deserves. It has a history of handling some of the most complex and high stakes cases in Dothan, AL. The law firm specializes in criminal defense and family law. It serves clients charged with different types of offenses.

William White – the law firm’s spokesperson – says, “Helping our clients to reduce or eliminate the risk of incarceration is one of the main reasons for offering our expertise. We handle cases revolving around DUIs, drug crimes, violence and others that normally attract time behind bars. If we can help any of our clients to avoid jail time, we would consider that case successfully handled. Our clients’ happiness gives us reasons to continue providing these services.”

The law firm has some of the best qualified and most experienced criminal defense lawyers any client would want fighting in his corner. In addition to criminal cases, it has a team that has the expertise needed to provide exemplary family law representation. This team handles cases revolving around child support, divorce and child custody among others. Each family lawyer defends the client’s rights while clarifying the client’s responsibilities.

The law firm serves clients in Southeastern Alabama as well as the Houghton County area and the surrounding regions too. The services it provides are designed to help lift off some of the burdens the clients carry on their backs. The team of highly dedicated lawyers understands the significant struggle its clients have to contend with for the duration of their criminal or family law cases in court.

Parkman White LLP has a history of helping its clients through successful handling and conclusion of some of the most high-stakes cases they ever face. It has built a reputation all over the United States of guaranteeing results that focus solely on helping each client avoid spending time in jail for either criminal or family law case. It has the resources required to provide each client with the much-deserved comprehensive legal representation.

Therefore, visit Parkman White LLP’s website for more information on the services its team of highly successful lawyers can provide to help you avoid incarceration. Contact the law firm through any of the avenues mentioned below. Get in touch with a lawyer at this firm to discuss some of the legal questions and challenges you currently face. All its lawyers provide free consultation while answering all questions and offering advice on the client’s legal rights.

Parkman White, LLP is located at 661 W Main St in Dothan, AL (36301).

The company can be contacted via phone at (334) 792-1900 or at their website

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Company Name: Parkman White, LLP
Contact Person: William White
Phone: (334) 792-1900
Address:661 W Main St
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