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(LOS ANGELES, January 31st, 2017) — Modern Living with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive story featuring About The Nurse, a company that not only addresses compression needs, but takes care of the whole professional.

During the interview, Founder & Former Vascular Nurse, Dianne Dickson, and President, Kelly Krumplitsch, showcase their colorful, functional and customizable products that are designed for anyone who is on their feet for extended periods of time.

All About The Nurse compression socks have solved one of the biggest problems plaguing nurses and other professionals who work on their feet on a daily basis. Nurses who work on their feet for 12-hour shifts or more tend to have various leg issues. This can come in the form of painful varicose veins or uncomfortable swelling or irritating aches and cramps. Thankfully, the Total Compression Socks (TCS) from About The Nurse, were designed to remedy this issue.

Compression socks aren’t a new product per say. About The Nurse has taken this basic product, though and added many features that make this particular sock more effective. For example, while being interviewed by Kathy Ireland, About the Nurse founders shared the following about their Total Compression Socks and what makes them better than others on the market:

–           These compression socks prevent swelling by keeping veins from expanding.

–           The TCS socks can prevent varicose veins from developing and slow down the progression of veins already present.

–          The Total Compression Socks are antimicrobial and made of medical grade compression material. As an added bonus, they come in fun, stylish prints and designs. These socks also contain mercury, which is an element that makes them more effective than other compression socks.

–          Nurses say that the TCS socks don’t roll down and have a larger toe box than other compression socks, making them more comfortable.

–          TCS socks aren’t one size fits all. They are actually made for each person, ensuring a perfect fit. Proper fit is determined by measuring the ankle and the calf.

“We love all of the medical professionals who are wearing our socks on a daily basis and sharing their feedback with us….We have over 108,000 followers on Facebook and they post testimonials like ‘I’ll never work another 12 hour shift without my TCS Socks’, ‘TCS Socks have changed my life. No more achy legs. I wish I had these 20 years ago’,” says Krumplitsch.

She adds, “This feedback keeps our entire team motivated to bring the best product on the market to our customer.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Modern Living with kathy ireland® shared his thoughts on featuring About The Nurse on the show. “About the Nurse is providing some of the hardest working individuals with products that will ease the tensions of being on their feet for hours on end. Whether a nurse, a doctor, athletes or those that travel often, these compression socks were made with them in mind.”

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