Botanium Embarks on the mission to Redefine Indoor Gardening with Kickstarter Campaign

2 February, 2017 – Botanium has announced that it will be raising funds on Kickstarter to do the crowdfunding of its amazing new product, Botanium. It is a revolutionary urban gardening invention that is not only compact and easy to use but also features minimalistic Scandinavian design. Botanium is a hydroponic pot that grows edible plants like chilies, herbs, and tomatoes without soil. The worldwide shipping will begin from July 2017 and people are already expecting their Botaniums.

“Enjoy growing fresh herbs or chili with almost no maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you are away for weeks, or if you don’t know how to grow stuff. Botanium takes care of the plant for you, thanks to automated, soil-free growing,” says Rasmus Tretow. Botanium’s hydroponic growing system aids in the plant’s faster growth. You could, for example, harvest basil within a month. It waters the plant three times a day using an automatic and integrated pump and can use lamps or indoor lighting instead of sunlight.

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Herbs such as basil, oregano, mint, chili, tomatoes or even strawberries can be easily and quickly grown using Botanium. It works particularly well with thirsty plants that normally would require very frequent watering. The user guide that comes with Botanium includes directions required for several plants that can be grown using Botanium.

It is very easy to use Botanium for everyone. Users just have to fill the tank with water and add nutrients to it, then fill it with the included growing medium and plant the seeds. Finally, they just plug it in and let it do the magic of growing the plant for them. It works round the clock and round the calendar so the users need not worry about the season or watering issues.

Hydroponics is an established method of growing plants, but Botanium has perfected this technique with its extensive research and testing over the years. Research shows that hydroponically grown food can contain more vitamins than soil-grown food and with this innovation, Botanium will be of immense benefit to users worldwide. Those who love plants and technology innovation could back this campaign by clicking the following link and contribution to make this vision a reality for everyone.

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