Kudoso Announces A Technological Revolution In Parental Controls

The New Solution For Parental Controls Is Available On All Platforms Including Televisions & Gaming Consoles

February 2, 2017 – A new startup company called Kudoso has announced the general availability of their unique and effective parental control solution for everyone. The solution is the first to feature positive parental controls in order to help strengthen families and raise well-equipped children in this digital era. The company offers the most comprehensive and proven parental control solutions that center around setting a single screen time limit that is enforced on every device. The solution starts with the Kudoso App available for the general public now.

“We are pleased to announce that after extensive research and development, we have made this solution available on Android, iOS and Amazon mobile devices, MacOS and Windows computers, and televisions and game consoles via Kudoso’s two hardware platforms: the Kudoso Router and Kudoso Plug.” Said Michael S. Kazmier, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Kudoso.

“Kudoso’s mission is to help parents control the influence of technology on their children. Kudoso is a parental control solution that lets you set screen time limits, includes powerful internet filtering, and more. All settings are unique for each child and applied to whatever device they are using including phones, tablets, and computers. Kudoso also works with game consoles, TVs, and more with the Kudoso Plug, a patent-pending lockable smart plug,” he added while introducing the solution.

In addition to managing screen time limits, Kudoso also includes robust app management as well as internet content filtering for iOS, Android, and Amazon mobile devices, MacOS and Windows computers. To further extend the solution, Kudoso has also introduced two hardware products that are called Kudoso Router and Kudoso Plug.  The Kudoso Router provides whole-home internet filtering for every connected device in the home, even guest devices. 

The Kudoso parental control solution was built and designed by parents, for parents, in the heart of the USA: Montana. Customers are already raving about the solution.

Michelle R. from Utah said “I love that it can be a complete solution not only for all electronics/screens but for the management of our home/kids. I’ve wanted a technology solution that helps me structure how our home functions. The ability to tie in chores/goals, allowance, with screen time and internet safety is awesome! I love that I can create my own tasks and have them required if I want. I like having the Kudos element that can be used in a variety of ways. I like that I can easily see and manage their accounts.”

Unlike typical parental control solutions Kudoso uses positive reinforcement and autonomy to teach digital responsibility to children. Kudoso actually gives children unique incentives that can help them learn and even earn online virtual currency, aptly named Kudos, by doing chores, tasks, and other positive and academic learning activities. Kudoso helps equip children with valuable 21st century life skills instead of just limiting their digital access.

Media Contact
Company Name: Kudoso Tech, LLC
Contact Person: Michael S. Kazmier [CEO and Co-Founder]
Email: press@kudoso.com
Phone: 1-800-410-0903
Address:194 E. Bowman Drive
City: Kalispell
State: MT
Country: United States
Website: www.kudoso.com