Yazoo Records Reveal The Top Rated Digital Pianos of 2017

Yazoo Records is a website that has been created to share with its readers all things digital piano and music related including digital piano reviews and analysis, news, info, and tips. Recently the website published it reviews of the Top Rated Digital Pianos of 2017, specially designed for the first time buyers and seasoned player.

Yazoo Record spokesperson said: “We spent days to make this review as reliable and as authentic as possible. We want to make sure that you will get the information you will be needing in choosing the best digital piano that will meet your expectation. Don’t confuse digital pianos with electronic pianos, though, digital pianos are improved digital sound package and it’s inspired from electronic pianos. These evolved versions of pianos are highly designed for practice purposes. They are usually small, so they can be fitted in small spaces such as your dorm or your apartment. Even a small room in your house will do.”

To make it easier for their readers, Yazoo Records has developed a concise chart that has been designed to provide a quick overview of the best digital pianos currently available. The to-the-point chart is designed to highlight the top 10 digital pianos that were able to secure a rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars on the Yazoo Record’s rating of excellence. The review team has also extracted real user reviews from the internet and has included them in their assessment, to ensure that their best digital piano reviews 2017 look into the matter from all angles.

Working behind the scenes at Yazoo Records is a team of professional music player, reviewers and digital piano experts, who have accepted the responsibility of going through hundreds of digital pianos currently available in the market, the team has meticulously examined and assessed each contender before selecting their ultimate choice of the best 10 digital pianos. The team selected the pianos after assessing three basic features: the tone, speakers, and evaluating. Other important considerations included who can use the pianos, warranty period, ease of use, features, build quality, the overall value for money and more.

The spokesperson further added: “The key to finding the best one is having the right information and tips, so you can avoid pitfalls such as buying the one that does not meet your requirements. You have to look for a piano that meets the list of needs you have on your paper, the rest will be not much of a challenge. You can pick with your eyes close after knowing what to look for and what to avoid.”

The team suggests that the fundament consideration that buyers should have in mind when choosing a piano is the person they are buying the equipment for, there are different kinds of digital pianos for adults and children, buyer should consider the skill level of the player and the reason for purchasing a new piano. According to the team, these considerations will help buyer build a better argument of which one is better to buy and it will also lead buyers to buy the one with higher quality. 

Besides sharing their top picks, the website also details the list of brands and digital piano models that buyers should avoid at all costs. What the team refers to as the “weak brands” have not been able to score as high on the scale of performance and excellence and are thus at the bottom of the pool. “We don’t recommend you buy from these brands since they are often referred to as “toy brands”. So, if you’re a serious musician, these brands are pitfalls you should avoid. We do not intend to be harsh on these companies, but we just want to make sure that you get great falls and excellent sound qualities, so you can practice and improve your skills dramatically.”

Each piano that has been featured in the Top Rated Digital Pianos of 2017 has also been reviewed in great detail by the team, these picks have made the cut because of their great sound quality, and overall performance. The Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano has been able to secure the second best spot in the top 10, whoever, it was beaten by a stunning digital piano that offers a full-bodied sound that can fit any size of a room since it only measures 2 feet and 4 inches deep.

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