Breakout Organic Gourmet Coffee, Best Roast Coffee, Quickly Grew into a million dollar business

“Enjoy a Daily Cups of gourmet Best Roast Coffee. A cappuccino being taken away for consumption.”
Big Box grocery chains and hotel groups are reacting to the organic gourmet market shift in the 16 billion a year USA daily coffee drinkers market. Best Roast Coffee (BRC) is their innovative organic solution. New demand fueled by the millennials who now out number the baby boomers, and demand a gourmet daily coffee leaving traditional grab and go USA coffee chains behind. BRC ideas are lightyears ahead of all competition, they started with one, and expanded to 100 locations in just 10 months

Best Roast Coffee (BRC) is reaping the rewards from a shift in consumer demand as specialty gourmet coffee now accounts for more than majority percent of the16 billion USA cups per day drinkers market. 2014 is the first time in history the National Coffee Association of America (NCA) annual drinking trends report revealed specialty gourmet coffee drinkers dominate the market. Years later, in 2017 the gourmet demand is even greater and we now see stock market announcements  from big-name brands like Starbucks and Bloomberg reporting Starbucks has lost momentum. 

Consumers of gourmet coffee are quickly switching to BRC’s organic coffee product that offers exceptional taste and the promise of better health. BRC uses freshly roasted beans and a unique quantum water to create a great-tasting gourmet coffee with health benefits for it’s drinkers.  BRC uses fair trade, USDA shade-grown organic beans roasted with an air infused process that delivers a smooth coffee every time. The water used for brewing the coffee is treated with magnetics and light, which structures water.

“This exclusive process significantly enhances the flavor of the coffee,” said BRC Co-Founder Julia Yim. “It also appeals to customers who want to achieve better health through the products they consume.”BRC provides a unique coffee purchasing experience. In place of stand-alone stores or off-the-shelf beans, its organic coffee is brewed by the cup and sold exclusively at coffee counters inside box grocery stores and now hotels. Consumers can purchase the coffee along with other necessities in one stop.  “Our coffee is always made by a professional on specialized commercial equipment,” said BRC Founder Jason Roe. “This ensures its consistency and taste.” 

Magnetized Earth Water, used for brewing, is available for purchase too, bottled at the source where it is made, alongside the coffee espresso machine. Also available is fruit-infused magnetized “spa” water, which has fruit added to the bottle. Water available for purchase is bottled in store to enhance its freshness and avoids exposure to sunlight. 

“Magnetized Earth Water – The New Liquid Gold.”


Best Roast Coffee opened in 2013 with  Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills  locations. In 2016, the company rolled out a 4 feet in-line scalable model of it’s coffee shop for existing retailers to use, and successfully expanded into over 60 grocery stores locations across USA in just 10 months. Roe said ” We plan to add 250 additional locations in 2017 alone. BRC is available coast to coast across USA, and now in Sprouts Farmers Market grocery stores too. This positions SFM to attract the daily gourmet coffee drinker into their stores, and thats a good thing – because the National Coffee Association of America cite the average person drinks 3 cups of coffee a day a day and the sector accounts for over 16 billion spend. So Coffee while only new to Sprouts it’s a sleeping giant for SFM and their investors.”

BRC will soon be available through other big box retailers and now higher end hotel chains who switch to health based organic coffee for their guests.  National Coffee Association drinking trend report gives valuable incite with data that shows the demand for gourmet coffee is growing driven by the millennials who outnumber the baby boomers and are forcing the demand for conventional large-name coffee brands to loose momentum. “Many retailers are looking to take advantage of the booming interest in the healthy gourmet daily coffee market”.  Roe said. “With Best Roast Coffee, retailers and hotels can provide their customers with a unique coffee experience and boost sales of their other products at the same time.” 

BRC attributes its rapid success to innovation. Plans to continue innovation in 2017 include the introduction of  a cutting-edge collagen coffee.. Collagen coffee is created by adding pure, tasteless organic collagen to espresso or coffee beverages. Roe said collagen coffee drinkers will reap the benefits of healthier skin and hair, boosted metabolism, stronger nails and teeth, and increased overall protein in the coffee. “Innovation and different thinking is at the heart of Best Roast Coffee company,” Roe said. “We aim to provide the market and our consumers with the healthiest, best tasting gourmet organic products.”

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