Airwheel F3 Smart Drone, another Innovative Plaything

Drone with camera is the product of innovation since it changes the way of entertainment. Airwheel F3 unmanned aerial vehicle is another kind of innovation due to its easy operation and high tech feature.

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When people meet friends, they will take out cell phone and take photos together. When they come across some unforgettable moment, they will record it too. Sometimes, people may carry a digital camera and take photos in the open air specially.

Nowadays, drone is more and more popular among the young due to the easy operation and high tech feature. More importantly, people can use the drone to take the pictures that they cannot take with the common camera. Airwheel follows the trend and has released its first unmanned aerial vehicle—F3.

unmanned aerial vehicle

The body of Airwheel F3 utilizes the mixed material, which is of high resistance of heat, coldness. The body can be strong even Airwheel F3 drone falls down suddenly. The new material is also stronger and more artistic. It is small and portable, easy to fold.

F3 realizes exquisite and intelligent shooting, which can meet user’s curiosity effectively. As a remote-controlled gadget, it can be controlled either via sliding screen to control or somatosensory control. You can throw from hand to fly.

Airwheel F3 drone

Besides the easy operation, the highlight of Airwheel F3 drone with camera is the function of exquisite and intelligent shooting. It can shoot in 360°. Thanks to the anti-shake design, F3 is able to record the wonderful moments precisely and restore every frame clearly.

Moreover, the three pictures taking modes make users enjoy more possibilities, say one-photo taking mode, time-lapse taking mode and continuous capture mode.

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Like other Airwheel intelligent electric scooter, F3 can also be connected to users’ mobile phones. As we know, the electric scooter App will recommend the user the shortest route to the destination to save the time and shun the traffic jam.

Via the App, F3 UAV can be controlled easily. It will be at your control, as if out of touch, it will return automatically and in low battery, it will return automatically. With those strengths above, Airwheel F3 unmanned aerial vehicle will be the best choice of tach fans.

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