AMTekPro Introduces New Selfie Stick Extendable Monopod To Improvise Smartphone Photography

AMTekPro, a distributor of high-quality electronic and Smartphone products announced today the release of its new Selfie Stick Monopod poles for users of mobile phones and social media.  The extendable pole arm of AMTekPro Selfie Stick allows for ease of transportation while the stylish and colorful design of the monopod adds considerable value for users of the product.

While AMTekPro Selfie Stick is designed to work with all mobile phones, it is best used with latest models such as iPhone and Android Phones. The specially designed phone holder is very strong and will never allow for a phone to fall off from the stick.

The sturdy design and strong grip of AMTekPro Selfy Stick will enable users to take great pictures with their Smartphone and the built-in Wireless Bluetooth button allows for easy and quick remote shutter operation.  The telescopic extendable monopole is specially designed for Selfie Stick to be carried inside users’ carrying bags or pockets.

With the popularity of selfies on the social media, AMTekPro’s extendable Selfie Sticks are expected to be popular items among social self-photographers.  The device works perfectly for taking pictures from oneself or others and for taking scenery shots.

According to studies, the trend to use the Smartphone as a camera is not going away and it is here to stay.  More than ever Smartphone producing companies are now focusing on development of the cameras on their phones as an essential feature of their product.  These phones with front-facing cameras, with no doubts, will be used to produce more and more selfie images to be shared on the social media.

The AMTekPro’s Examplary Selfi Stick complies with CE, FC, RoHS, and SGS and is immediately available to ship for distribution and to consumer marketplaces.

About AMTekPro:

AMTekPro is an Electronic brand retailed online partnered with Amazon.  Their main mission is to enhance lifestyle and productivity with their smart range of products.  It aims to bring high quality products.

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