Manzo Pharmaceuticals, LLC Announced That the Name of Their Main Product Lacto-Freedom Was Accepted as a Registered Trademark by the US Patent and Trademark Office

MILFORD, PA – FEBRUARY 06, 2017 – Manzo Pharmaceuticals, LLC., announced that the name of their main product “Lacto-Freedom” was recently accepted as a Registered Trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The purpose of this is to prevent others from using a similar name which could confuse consumers into thinking that other products are similar to the patented Lacto-Freedom Probiotic. In addition, the website has been recently updated and now contains scientific data on the probiotic testing performed as well as a brief summary of certain digestive issues.

Lacto-Freedom Probiotic is a unique patented probiotic designed for people who are unable to properly digest lactose, a sugar found in dairy products. This problem causes abdominal pain, gas, abdominal bloating, diarrhea, and nausea after consuming lactose or dairy products. Lacto-Freedom Probiotic is taken for only 7 days and the lactose digesting effects last for months. Lacto-Freedom Probiotic stays in the intestines and aids in the digestion of lactose-containing foods, It prevents the issues that may result from lactose sensitivity. Now people who have difficulty tolerating dietary lactose are no longer limited to avoiding lactose-containing foods or taking lactase supplements at the start of every single lactose-containing meal.

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Probiotics are supplements which contain “good” bacteria and when consumed add beneficial bacteria to the intestines. Manzo Pharmaceuticals, LLC. developed a probiotic that stays in the intestines, produces lactase, and allows the body to more efficiently digest lactose for months, so people can enjoy dairy and lactose-containing foods without the discomfort.

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Lacto-Freedom Probiotic:

• Taken for only 7 days and effect last for months.
• Aids in the digestion of lactose-containing foods.
• Patented, clinically tested.
• More convenient and more economical than taking lactase tablets or consuming lactose-free foods.
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Lacto-Freedom Probiotic stays in the intestines and produces lactase and eliminates or greatly reduces the issues associated with consuming lactose so the person can enjoy dairy foods without the discomfort.

Here is what some Lacto-Freedom users have said about it:

Tom: “Before Lacto-Freedom I would have to use products like lactaid that I would have to consume prior to eating dairy. Four months and I have had no issues, I no longer avoid ice cream and pizza when I go out. Lacto-Freedom will also save you money as the other products use a lot of pills. It was costing me about $15 per month to use lactaid.”

Jessica S: “I was a little skeptical since I have always been severely affected by any dairy products with bad cramps, diarrhea etc.This product has been life changing for me. I received a sample a few months ago and took it for the 7 days. I was a little skeptical since I have always been severely affected by any dairy products with bad cramps, diarrhea etc. Since taking Lacto-Freedom, I now have been symptom free for well over two months now and have been eating and drinking all the dairy products I want.”

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