Genocide Survivor’s Refugee Fund Receives Recognition From Massachusetts Senate

Genocide survivor and leading motivational speaker and award-winning author Clementine Bihiga’s Clarette Refugee Fund has received recognition from Massachusetts Senate. The Fund aims to build food pantries in refugee schools around the world

Worcester, Massachusetts – February 7, 2017 – An unprecedented 21.3 people are refugees at present, and Trump’s recent insensible ban on refugees of 7 countries is all aggravate the problem further. But still in the midst of this staggering global refugee crisis, here comes a ray of hope!

A brave genocide survivor-turned-motivational speaker Clementine Bihiga has received recognition for her humanitarian Clarette Refugee Fund from the Massachusetts Senate. The refugee fund is dedicated to building food pantries in refugee schools around the world.

Added to the Congratulations from the Massachusetts Senate, Bihiga’s refugee fund has also earned Certificate of Excellence from Women In Action and Certificate of Special Mayoral Recognition.

“It’s a great moment for all of us to receive recognition from the State Senate and other esteemed organizations like Women In Action for our Clarette Refugee Fund. In the wake of aggravated refugee crisis worldwide, it is an urgent need for all of us to actively come forward in support of the homeless who have been unmindfully forced away from their homes and our Refugee Fund is committed to standing by the refugees to ensure a better and quality living for them. Proper schooling is an extremely important part of an overall development which is badly hampered by forced homelessness. Thus, our refugee fund is aimed to support the refugee schools with the basics so that these can ensure a standard life for all their refugees,” stated Clementine Bihiga.

Clementine Bihiga herself has been a refugee from Rwanda when her family was forced out of her homeland during the outbreak of the catastrophic 1994 Genocide that killed 800,000 people in just three months. A struggler and fighter since her childhood, she had stayed at several refugee camps for years and knows the pains and traumas of refugees’ first-hand. She is an author of a book called “Happily Broken: Discovering Happiness Through Pain and Suffering” which tells the story of her life.

“I know what it feels to live the life of an exile and how painful it is to wake up among the dead. The period of my life as a refugee was the chief inspiration behind Refugee Fund as I attempt to make lives little better for those innocent, helpless people,” continued Bihiga, who is now an award-winning author and highly regarded motivational speaker sought after by corporations, organizations and schools across the nation.

Clarette Refugee Fund is dedicated to helping out the refugee students, staff and their families by providing the essential support needed to have a proper school and education. It works to achieve this through building the food/supply pantries for one refugee school at a time. Presently, it’s working for a school named “Kabiria” which Clementine herself attended as a young girl in Kenya.

The school, which enrolls refugees from Congo, Burundi and Rwanda, shows an utterly dilapidated condition and has little or no money to arrange for adequate food, clothing and educational supplies for students and teachers.

“Kabiria’s pantry immediately needs all kinds of educational supplies along with food supplies, toiletries, shoes and clothing. The school has had no sponsor since 2005 and immediately needs around $6,000 for standard renovation. Clarette Refugee Fund is looking forward to bettering up the situation here, and your generous and active participation would be of great help,” added in Bihiga.

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