Criminal Defense Attorney Arik Benari Believes In Making Second Chances A Reality

Arik Benari of the Benari Law Group is a criminal defense attorney who represents clients in both state and federal courts.

Specializing in criminal law, defense attorney Arik Benari of the Benari Law Group ( is committed to giving his clients the best representation possible, regardless of the circumstances.

“When your life and your freedom are on the line, you want a team of attorneys that know how to put on a fight and get the results you’re looking for,” Benari says. “Our clients come to us because we get the job done right.”

Representing clients in both state and federal courts, the Benari Law Group boasts the top criminal defense team for the greater Philadelphia area. Benari is confident in his and his colleagues’ ability to fully represent each client and produce the best possible outcomes.

“We have a well-earned reputation for excellence. Our attorneys are handpicked to ensure that each client has the best possible representation,” Benari says. “We have a unique and proven method for developing defense strategies that work.”

With a combined total over fifty years of experience, the Benari Law Group offers clients: local, top-rated attorneys, a proven method for developing defense strategies, a state-of-the-art defense support team, and fair, customized fees.

With the Benari Law Group’s expertise, Benari says, many clients who previously thought their cases unwinnable are able to gain an acquittal or have their charges completely dismissed.

“We recently had a client come in who was wrongly accused of a number of felonies. The prosecutor was looking for over ten years in jail as punishment,” Benari says. “We completed our own investigation, took the case to trial, and were able to have all the charges dismissed.”

To further help their clients, the Benari Law Group recently increased their accessibility, now offering 24/7 access to their services.

“People make mistakes, but the government is too quick to take away the freedom of good people just because they made a bad decision,” Binari says. “We live to fight for each client’s freedom.”

A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Benari completed a degree in Rhetoric and Public Argument in just three years before continuing to law school at Temple University School of Law in 2000. Going into private practice in 2001, Benari continues to serve the Philadelphia area, recently winning a DUI case in Delaware. Benari, who has a love for old movies about court cases, will sometimes use lines from his favorite films in court.

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