Milltown Dental Clinic & Implant Centre Now Offering 24 Hour Emergency Services

Mhuilinn, Dublin – Milltown Dental, a dental clinic recognized for its modern dental care services, has just announced the introduction of 24-hour emergency services. The clinic, which has been in operation for more than a decade, claims to have made this move following an increase in the number of clients requesting for emergency services. For patients to be offered dental services, a dentist will have to decide whether they are really in need of the emergency services or they can wait to be treated during business hours.

“Pain knows no time or place, it can strike anywhere, anytime, and when that happens, a patient needs emergency medical care,” said Dr. Thomas Munroe, the lead dentist and the founder of Milltown Dental Clinic & Implant Centre. “The quickest way to deal with a dental emergency is to take painkillers, and many have been designed for toothaches. However, bouts of pain will still come back after a few hours. To this end, it is imperative that a patient gets a lasting solution. With Milltown Dental’s emergency services, patients in pain will have services delivered to them with ease.”

There has been an increase in the number of businesses offering emergency services. Milltown Dental has reported an increase in the number of patients enlisting their services, since the introduction of emergency services. To make emergency services, swift, the clinic has acquired new modern equipment including x-rays, scanners and ergonomically designed beds and chairs. These will be used to hasten services, reduce pain for the patients and enable the company to treats more patients in a day.

Milltown Dental is a full-service dental clinic offering cosmetic surgery, dental implants, teeth whitening, Crowns, Veneers, X-rays, implant surgery, and dentures. The clinic has been in operation for more than a decade, offering services that have warranted it the long list of reviews on consumer reviews sites. It has an A+ rating with BBB and a long thread of positive reviews on Angie’s List.

Following the introduction of 24-hour emergency services, a few changes have been implemented to not only facilitate emergency services but also to better services. An emergency number has been provided on the clinic’s website to enable patients to reach the clinic with ease. Online services have been bettered enabling patients to access online consultations and quotes. Patients can also access dental related information online. In future, the company plans to expand service to serve more patients.

Milltown dental clinic & Implant Centre is locacted at Milltown Centre, Bóthar Bhaile an Mhuilinn, Dublin in DUBLIN6 Ireland.

The company can be contacted via phone at (01) 260 3741 or at their website:

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Company Name: Milltown Dental Clinic & Implant Centre
Contact Person: Dr. Thomas Munroe
Phone: (01) 260 3741
Address:Milltown Centre, Bóthar Bhaile an Mhuilinn
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