Property Buyers of San Diego Now Offering House Selling Guides Online

San Diego, CA – Property Buyers of San Diego, a company that buys houses in the greater San Diego area, has just announced the introduction of house selling guides on its website. The move was informed by the high number of inquiries that have been directed to the business in the past few years. To make it easier for sellers, the buyer will be offering comprehensive guides expounding on legal and logistical house selling matters. This is aimed at making the buying and selling process swift.

“Property Buyers of San Diego deals with house owners who are facing foreclosure or divorce and need to make a quick sale, a fact that can force them to make uninformed decisions,” said Jason LaMell, a real estate investor working with the company. “It may be a lot to take in for a seller to call a buyer and get an offer on the spot. To this end, the company aims at creating awareness and educating sellers in a move that will ease buying and selling.”

Guides will be provided on the company’s website from where sellers can access them. Topics such as sellers’ legal rights, valuing a home, selling with an investor and many more will be covered. Already, the company has started publishing the guides which have been taken positively as seen in the comments section of the posts. The posts will be published on a weekly basis and on requests from sellers. Besides the guides to be offered, sellers can now access online consultations with much ease.

Property Buyers of San Diego has been in the house buying the business for the past eight years serving San Diego. The company built its legacy around buying houses that need a quick and discreet sale, including inheritance property, divorce, foreclosure and relocation property. Besides buying of property, the company, through its industry trained real estate investors, can sell a property with the property owner. This involves renovating a house to up its value and then selling it at a profit.

Since the introduction of online guides, Property Buyers of San Diego has been aggressive in its promotion methods. It has been more active on Facebook, where it is creating awareness and spreading the word on its offers and mode of operation. Prior to the introduction of guides, the business had reported an increase in the number of property sellers. In future, the company plans on expanding to cover the high number of sellers.

Property Buyers of San Diego is located at 8690 Aero Dr, Ste 115 in San Diego, CA (92123).

The company can be contacted via phone at (619) 861-8090 or at their website:

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Company Name: Property Buyers of San Diego
Contact Person: Jason LaMell
Phone: (619) 861-8090
Address:8690 Aero Dr, Ste 115
City: San Diego
State: California
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