Bestselling Author Counters Misogynistic Hateful and Divisive Rhetoric As He Inspires Men To Embrace Positive New Roles

9 February, 2017 – One of the most ignored truths and reality for men is that their roles are changing in our fast changing world. As women continue to make more progress in all segments of  society, they validate the fact that there are changes in the dynamics of  male roles in our culture. Too many men are holding to the once glorified idea about masculinity, which clearly leads to confusion, anxiety, frustration and even anger.

In the wake of January 21, America woke up with a new Potus, the greatest nation on earth had a new man steering the wheels of the nation. The nation has seen a style of leadership which claims to show direction and focus, but in the masculine, the harsh and insensitive way America never thought was possible from a president.

The level of chaos and civil unrest triggered both in the U.S and worldwide through some of Donald Trump’s executive order targeting religion, and some nationalities is a very disturbing signal; another proof that the “one-man” and “Macho” concept has no place in the present modern world.

“In the old way, men were taught that they had two primary responsibilities, to provide and protect. But unfortunately, they were never taught how to connect.” Says Michael Taylor, Life coach and author of Lessons From  A Gathering Of Men.

He says further, “They were taught that their primary focus should be finding a good paying job, take care of their families, have lots of material possessions, enjoy drinking beer with friends and they would be considered “successful”!” It is this way of thinking that has led to high divorce rates, addictions, male suicides and the senseless acts of violence we see on a daily basis.”

The current president’s attitude of racism, divisiveness, and misogyny definitely can not provide the best form of leadership everyone yearns for. An engaging and strong leadership is the best way to get everyone on board and get problems solved.

The latest book, Lessons From  A Gathering Of Men, written by Coach Michael Taylor is a wake-up call for all men. Written with humble and  challenging insight, Lessons From a Gathering of Men presents an honest and open dialogue about the attitudes of men and how societal expectations have made some men very unhappy and dissatisfied males who feel locked into the role that  society has cast for them

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Coach Michael Taylor is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and radio show host who has dedicated his life to empowering men and women to reach their full potential. He knows first hand how to overcome adversity and build a rewarding and fulfilling life, and he is sharing his knowledge and wisdom with others to support them in creating the life of their dreams.

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