27 years old entrepreneur wants to get young people reading again

With The Collective book club, he hopes to get members read at least one book every week

Reggie Davis, a 27 years old young entrepreneur from Washington D.C, has announced “The collective” book club. Through the club, he hopes to get young people of this generation back into reading books, which can change lives. Davis started the club to help him read more books and share the books he has read with his book club, which has now grown to more than 25,000 members.

Join the book club by visiting the website at www.thecollectivebookclub.com

“Young people don’t read anymore. They prefer to watch TV, play video games and other activities that add almost nothing to their knowledge. My intention is to bring back the reading culture by introducing a book a week policy. I hope that we will get inspired not just by the book but by each other,” said Reggie Davis.

The Collective book club inspires every member to read books to change their lives and that of others. Every week, Davis introduces “the book of the week,” complete with a description, a link to where it can be purchased online. The club presents books in a wide range of genres, including fiction and nonfiction.

“I love all the books presented by Davis. He is obviously a young man determined to change the world. Since I joined the book club, I have discovered great stories and ideas that have changed the way I look at the world. My knowledge is expanding, and my perspective about life is becoming more confident. Thanks Davis for starting this fantastic idea,” said Linda T, a club member.

The Collective book club is a place for people who understand that reading is an integral part of human development. Reading promotes mental stimulation by engaging the mind and developing it; the same thing exercise does to the body. Reading every day also fills the brain with new information, reduce stress, expands vocabulary and improves the memory. It is essential for strong analytical thinking skills, improved focus, better writing skills and is entertaining.

About The Collective book club

The Collective Book Club is an idea created to help revive the reading culture among young people. Reggie Davis, founder and entrepreneur, created the club to help him read more books but has now grown to more than 25,000 members. Davis hopes that readers are not just inspired by the books but by each other as well.

For more information, please contact (202)830-9994, ContactReggieDavis@gmail.com or visit www.thecollectivebookclub.com

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