Revolutionary Mobile App ‘FoodBEAT’ Connecting Farmers Directly With Buyers Launching This February

Soon to be launched in February, revolutionary mobile app FoodBEAT will, for the first time ever, connect the farmers directly to buyers over a digital platform so that the latter can enjoy farm-fresh produce.

North Carolina – February 10, 2017 – There are quite a few things as amazing as farm-fresh food but yet we are usually not that lucky and are forced to settle with not knowing how our food is grown. But not anymore! A new revolutionary mobile app FoodBEAT is set to change the scene by enabling a direct connection between farmers and buyers to better enjoy food products right from the producers. The app is scheduled for a launch this February.

FoodBEAT’S foray into the contemporary food scene marks a historical step since for the first time we will have a digital marketplace to promote a healthier life for all.

“We are thrilled to announce that come February we are launching a breakthrough app FoodBEAT which will allow all to develop a sustainable local-based user-friendly food ecosystem across the world. From February onwards, farmers and buyers can directly contact each other to share their abundance and enjoy the healthy farm-fresh food. Our farmer users can list their harvest on our app platform and buyers can buy the sustainable produce from them with a click on their smartphones,” stated Sarah Haas, one of the co-founders of FoodBEAT.

The app speaks of a local produce/food distribution platform which offers only the freshest produce & products. It works in a 4-step process:

• One is where the farmer/supplier will upload his produce

• Second is the buyer who will directly buy from that supplier. He could be anyone, ranging from produce buyers, independent consumer, chefs, vendors, facilities that preserve food, restaurant, grocery store owners, etc.

• The third step talks about the delivery person who transports food from farmer to the buyer.

• The 4th step implies the facility of a convenient digital platform from where the farmers can directly source local labor from local labor roster.

Added to a handy digital food distribution platform, FoodBEAT also provides an area for the independent contractors to distribute through their own vehicles for additional income.

Speaking on the inspiration behind such a revolutionary app, the co-founder revealed about the lychee fruit deal in Hilo, Hawaii. The founder of FoodBEAT bagged a magnum lychee order that wanted them to move a vast volume of the fruit from farm to market.

It is then, the idea of the app struck them which would eliminate the hassles of getting produce from farm to market by directly connecting farmers to buyers digitally and thus, FoodBEAT was born. They wanted to create an app where the farmers can directly inform their customers how and when their produce will be available to be picked and for pickup. FoodBEAT will continue to promote off island shipping in relationship to the mobile application.

“FoodBEAT is here to take the food movement a step further by placing the power of food distribution in the hands of farmers & buyers. You are receiving an empowering digital market place that extends the ability to maneuver a tangible sphere of resources that will fortunately expose our world to a futuristic food distribution system, transcending community commodities right to the next level.”

FoodBEAT founders are looking forward to expand into sustainable regions throughout the world in near future.

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