BSP Expected to win by a landslide in UP

The BJP East India Company Limited has wiped out the Indian economy, something even the British hesitated to do. Now these decimated Indian companies will be picked by foreign companies for pennies. Foreign companies with unlimited cash in overseas accounts are entering India in a big way, given the total garrotting of Indian businesses by the BJP. Under the leadership of the BSP or the Bahujan Samaj Party, a QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT has started in India’s biggest state of Uttar Pradesh, aimed at defeating and removing the BJP RSS organisation from India’s political landscape.

Mayawati seems to have admirably put together a powerful alliance of Brahmins, Dalits, Muslims and indeed large numbers of Jats and Rajputs. An alliance that is united by one wish: to restore the Indian economy, and send the BJP back where it belongs, in Africa. Especially the Muslim community which has united 100% behind Mayawati, frustrated by a weak and fearful Akhilesh who has failed completely to control the BJP’s rioting and lynching gameplan. Many SP leaders are even suggesting that Akhilesh should be replaced by his wife, who is a very forceful woman. The BSP in turn has promised to crush Dadri style domestic terrorism from the RSS’s front organizations.

Millions of dollars of online advertising has been provided by overseas BJP members and multinational corporations, and these funds are not subject to any regulation by the Election Commission or anyone else for that matter. These funds are in US banks held by US citizens who are BJP members, the Indian Legal System has no jurisdiction over them. At the same time, the meagre funds held by Indian political parties has been wrested out of their hands, thanks to Narenda Modi’s demonetization or Notebandhi. The BJP is funded by overseas dollars and is dominating the internet with millions of dollars worth of ads, while the Rahul’s  Congress Party, the SP and BSP barely have enough money to print posters. The BJP top brass are laughing their heads off, as the Congress, SP and BSP stands in front of ATMs, begging bowls in hand.

Millions of jobs, companies and business have disappeared in India overnight.  The Indian people have all of a sudden begun to see the BJP – RSS as a neo-colonial occupying force, one that steals their money, confiscates their farmland, and supports foreign corporations. The Jats of UP are this time supporting the BSP after Mayawati promised to help them with their longstanding wishes.

There are also troubling indicators that the BJP is forcing a total change in the upper ranks of the armed forces, supposedly to keep the option of a RSS supervised military coup available in the event of political defeat. 60 years after independence, a QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT has started, not against the British East India Company, but the BJP East India Company. The BSP has with this move has been catapulted to the status of a national party, just like the Indian National Congress was 60 years back.

The consequence of an united Indian peoples movement trying to get rid of a well entrenched and well armed BJP RSS organization could be that India is headed for civil war. #UPelection has already turned into a massive disaster for the BJP.

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