Turing Gateway to Mathematics – the knowledge transfer highway from academia to industry

Turing Gateway to Mathematics (TGM) is an Impact Initiative in Cambridge, UK. Located at the Isaac Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences, the knowledge intermediary is supported by the University of Cambridge. It was established in March 2013 with Jane Leeks as its manager. The following year, the TGM set up its governance which included an advisory board. One of the board members is cryptographer/mathematician Peter Landrock, who is has been a pioneer in data encryption methods and codes.

Other distinguished members of the Advisory Board include:

● Douglas Goodman – The Foundation for Science and Technology
● Graham Keniston-Cooper – Investor
● Natasa Milic-Frayling – University of Nottingham and Intact Digital Ltd
● Richard Pinch – IMA

The organization’s motto is “a channel for the interchange of knowledge and ideas between academies and commercial users of modern mathematics.” As part of one of the world’s most prestigious universities, TGM provides a high level of mathematical expertise that attracts industry leaders from around the world.

What Is The Turing Gateway

As an impact initiative of the Isaac Newton Institute (INI), the TGM is located within the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS). TGM’s full-time staff consists of three positions: Manager, Knowledge Exchange Coordinator and an Events/Marketing Coordinator. Originally funded by the University of Cambridge, the TGM now receives various funding streams. The TGM is overseen by the INI Director, who reports to the Management Committee.


The TGM is partly self-funded through registrations fees, corporate partnerships and events. It also receives EPSRC, University of Cambridge HEFCE funding.

Since its inception in 2013 TGM has provided a series of workshops on a wide range of fields that deal with mathematics. Some of the key workshops in 2016 included the latest in cryptographic technologies as well as Statistical Network Analysis. Some of the important current issues include:

● data linkage techniques
● statistical scalability
● mathematical imaging for the healthcare industry
● probability in Forensic Science
● new approaches to Anonymisation
● data privacy

On behalf of the Isaac Newton Institute, the TGM organises ​Open For Business events that attract academic researchers of mathematical sciences that relate to industrial, commercial and government organisations. These events are structured to allow interaction and foster new relationships.


The Turing Gateway to Mathematics facilitates programmes that allow interactions and activities between the mathematical sciences and the users of mathematics. As a gateway between academic mathematicians and industry, government and other disciplines, the organisation serves as a channel where knowledge and ideas flow to help individuals improve math skills.


The Faulkes Gatehouse was completed in June 2001. The building includes a semi-circular seminar room that seats 50 people. Two of the three offices are used by Turing Gateway to Mathematics. Construction was funded by the Dill Faulkes Educational Trust (DFET) which contributed £1m.

Administration and Organisation

The team is managed by the following members:

● Jane Leeks – Manager
● Clare Merritt – Knowledge Exchange Coordinator
● Lissie Hope – Events and Marketing Coordinator


The main goal of TGM is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between academics and those in industry, to bridge the gap between the two in order to have them work together.


The Turing Gateway to Mathematics takes interest in all areas of Mathematics and does not emphasize any one particular aspect. The broad view includes financial and healthcare data. The TGM strives to share information and help improve industry use of Mathematics.

Offered Service to the Industry

TGM offers a knowledge exchange for both mathematics professionals and students in the UK and internationally. The knowledge is useful to policy makers and other potential users of modern mathematics. TGM delivers activities that involve biology, healthcare, environment and energy, finance, security, big data, public policy and more.

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