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WASHINGTON, DC – 13 Feb, 2017 – Anyone who has managed to develop a distinctive and unique blog using the extremely popular WordPress blogging software, whether it’s for their business, or for personal use, according to copyright law, they are entitled to the same protection as anyone else who creates any other type of intellectual property. Creators work hard to build something unique and, of course, only they should be able to benefit from their creativity.  They should receive the same legal copyright protection as anyone who writes a book, or composes music, or creates a logo or project for their business. 

Of course, as soon as you create a unique and distinctive blog using WordPress, you are legally entitled to copyright protection for every blog post, every picture, every logo and every other unique element of that blog. Of course, if something happens and your copyright is challenged in any way, it will be necessary for you to prove your ownership of the blog and the date you created it.

That means you need the type of copyright protection supplied  by a copyright registration and deposit through

Protecting Your Blog Has Never Been Easier

Registering a book, a movie script, a song or a logo with is very easy; all you do is upload the work and you have the extra level of protection you need to prove your ownership and a date certain of creation. We have created a WordPress plugin that makes uploading a WordPress blog into our system is as easy as possible. By downloading this WordPress plugin, protecting your blog with a copyright registration and secure deposit takes just a few clicks and can be done as easily as creating a widget or putting an ad on the site.

Our WordPress plugin makes it possible for any blogger to protect every element of the website by certifying its creation and digital timestamping and to do so from their own blog’s dashboard. After your deposit is uploaded, your copyright registration will then be transferred in real time to the office of a public notary office, who will then seals the entire WordPress blog, thus virtually locking it down at a specific moment in time. essentially freezing it in time and affixing it with a certified creation date. Every blog that has been deposited with the system will always provide the blog’s owner with the proof of everything they need to protect every element of their site. That protection is not valid in the UK, either; it’s valid in all 172 countries who have signed on to the Berne Convention.

Our WordPress plugin is extremely easy to use. It places copyright protection at a few clicks of a mouse or a few taps on your tablet. It is virtually automatic, and it will allow you to protect every distinctive and unique element of your blog. At, there are no size limits; you can use our WordPress plugin to deposit as much or as little of your blog as you wish, whether it’s the entire site or just part of it, if you wish to limit the size of web transfers, or there are elements you would rather not save. Everything is up to you. 

What is the Benefit to Using Our WordPress plugin?

The registration and deposit system has been proven over time to be a strong, reliable system for recording your copyright and establishing a date certain that is incontestable. When a blogger can always provide all necessary proof at any given time in a form that can’t be denied, it is virtually impossible to lose when a copyright is challenged by anyone in any forum. You can stop any infringer or potential infringer in their tracks. Once you make the deposit, no one can alter the contents, not even you, which is how you preserve your proof of copyright.

Your copyright in your WordPress blog is valid for life and you will have proof of your copyright whenever you need it. While data storage at our public notary is limited to 30 years, will always keep a duplicate registration on file. If you change or update your WordPress  blog in a significant way, you should make a new deposit, but our WordPress plugin makes that very easy, no matter how many times you want to protect it. It will always be right there, in your WordPress dashboard and just as easy as the first time.

When you register and deposit your website with us, you will have greater peace of mind because you will always be able to protect your copyright because you will always have access to incontrovertible proof of every element of your copyright claim.

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