Luxury Wholesale Bath Bombs Now Available to All from a Reputed USA Based Manufacturer

Welcome the new line of bath bombs from Bath Bomb Boot Camp. Fizzy and hot bath care products for spas, boutiques, and resale. A USA based trusted manufacturer that guarantees quality.

It’s hard to determine when exactly the first bath bombs were created, but there is no arguing the fact that they are an extremely popular bath care product today. It’s not surprising as these things make bathing, a relaxing experience on its own, much more enjoyable. Bath Bomb Boot Camp offers anyone seeking to get the most of their bath a chance to enrich it with a variety of exclusive fizzy ‘bombs’ infused with deliciously-smelling oils.

What Are Bath Bombs?

A bath bomb is a combination of salts, colorants, and aromatic oils, that might contain some extra ingredients to imbue it with some special properties. Once it gets into the water, it dissolves. However, due to the chemicals involved, it does so in a rather entertaining reaction, turning into a fizzy ball resembling a small geyser that erupts inside a bath. This is why these products are called ‘bombs’ and the main reason why they are so popular.

Simply put, bath bombs are fun and ‘hot’. They make taking a bath into a truly entertaining adventure, and the magic of salts, oils, and other special ingredients make them work wonders on the person who actually takes the bath. They are loved by everyone and are widely used in spas as they enhance the relaxing effect of the procedures.

Are Bath Bombs Really Good for the Skin?

Bath bombs are as good for the skin as bath salts infused with oils. They can also be enriched with various ingredients that help soften, nourish, or moisturize the dermis.

These ‘physical’ effects are complemented (and enhanced) by the aromatic oils. They help the person taking a bath relax, and the efficiency of aromatherapy has been proven by numerous studies.

Bath bombs available on the market today vary greatly, and quite a few of them are made out of cheap ingredients and chemicals that can irritate the skin. Bath Bomb Boot Camp ( with their extensive collection of bath bomb can help one avoid any such issues as their bathing products meet the high standards set for all US businesses.

About The Company:

Bath Bomb Boot Camp is a manufacturer of quality bath products based in the Michigan City. The company has built a solid reputation due to the consistent quality of all its creations. Their new bath bombs collection is prized for the original mixes of essential oils that allow the users to enjoy fantastic aromas, enhancing their bathing experience.

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