Finding Excellent Auto Accident Attorneys

The aftermath of an auto accident can be very traumatic on its own and dealing with an uncooperative insurance company only makes matters worse. Finding an attorney with a long history of dealing with auto accidents can make all the difference.

Unfortunately in this day and age insurance companies are far more invested in protecting their interests than their costumers and nowhere is as evident as when a devastating auto accident has occurred. At this time, insurance companies tend to want to settle the case as quickly as possible while paying the smallest amount in compensation, this sort of practice often leaves the victim in debt and with more problems than they started with. An injury after an auto accident can be a serious matter and may leave the victim unable to work or have a full and active life, insurance companies are supposed to make sure that their clients receive adequate compensation and are taken care of, after all that is what they are paid for; however, insurance companies can handle the dispute in such a way that payment is stopped which in some cases can lead to a lifelong disability that could have been prevented (as is the case when payment for treatment is stopped). An attorney with experience in dealing with insurance companies will be able to advise you and protect your interests by forcing the insurance company to do their jobs properly.

It is vital to act quickly after being involved in a car accident, mainly because timely diagnosis and treatment of injuries is a priority if you are to avoid a lifetime of health problems. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not mind taking advantage of this traumatic time and will pressure you into settling for less that you have paid for. This is where a great attorney can be a big help. Jerry McCullum has over twenty years of experience in dealing with insurance companies that care more about protecting their bottom lines than their paying clients, when you have been injured by someone else’s negligence having such an experienced attorney on your side will make the difference between suffering through a long court process (while dealing with your own injuries) and receiving what you rightfully deserve from the insurance company you have paid to protect you.

Since dealing with personal injuries means dealing with both victims and companies, a good attorney will be compassionate towards the victims and aggressively professional towards the irresponsible parties involved. An excellent attorney will make their clients their priority and therefore he will first make sure that his clients are getting the medical attention they need and then start gathering the facts about the case. Jerry McCullum is not afraid of asking the advice of specialists in the pursuit of justice and his client’s well-being; he will thoroughly investigate every detail of the accident in order to make sure that justice is served. An attorney who is able to negotiate and fight your case will make the difference between a life filled with undeserved struggles and a full, happy life.

About Jerry McCullum

Jerry McCullum ( graduated from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law Cum Laude as a Brandeis Scholar. He has won many scholastic awards and has been a practicing lawyer since 1990 with auto accidents, speeding tickets, and criminal law as his main focus.

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