Help 11 Year Old Hayley Fund a Service Dog

AUSTRALIA – 2/13/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Hayley is an 11 year old girl who suffers from autism, intellectual disability, dissociative identity disorder (split personality) bilateral hearing loss, anxiety, depression and the list goes on.

We are in desperate need for a service dog to help Hayley with her many struggles in life. We have been accepted into a program run through Dogs For Life Australia. This program costs us $30,000 for the dog and the training to meet Hayley’s needs to live life as a kid. We are unable to get any funding to assist to the cost of the program due to where we live. The National Disability Insurace Scheme (NDIS) which is being rolled out in Australia doesn’t come into our area until the end of 2018, then it could take a year for it to be accepted and then to begin the training process. My daughter needs the help now, not in four years time.

A few people have suggested training a dog our self, however this is not an option in our unique situation. Unfortunately I’m extremely stretched for time. I unfortunately have a work place injury – lung disease and dysphonia of my voice. I manage two days a week working (but that is a huge struggle as I’m in constant pain) 

My husband requires the use of a wheelchair and is unable to drive. He requires on going assistance, also due to a workplace injury. 

My younger daughter who is 7 years old is autistic, hearing impaired, intellectual disabled and at grade three, cannot read or write. However due to teaching her problem solving skills, we cannot get a current IQ for her to meet funding under IQ, so I have no other option but to home school her as she is unable to attend the specialist school she was attending last year. Hopefully she can go back there in two years time. My younger daughter is also formula fed.
Then on top of all that I have my daughter Hayley who has so many challenging behaviours including self harming and dissociative identity disorder, ASD, bipolar, bilateral hearing loss and intellectual disability. Due to the combination of conditions I can’t get her funding for assistance at school so she is also homeschooled through Distance Education Victoria.

Life has handed our family a huge curve ball, like it has to all of us (I know I’m not alone in the daily struggle of life) Life is tough but we somehow manage to get through – one day at a time.

My condition alone leaves me extremely tired and struggling for breath, I have a chronic ongoing bark cough that is debilitating and extremely painful.

So I’d love to try and save money by training my self, I tried many people to get the service dog required for my daughter but her needs were too complex for them. Dogs for Life Australia are actually based close to our home. They will bring therapy dogs to our house three to four times to three times a week. In the back ground they will be training her dog to match her unique needs. In the second year, Hayley will have her dog and they continue to come and train.

We need something to help her to be safe especially at night, when she often has no memory of what she is doing.

We are scared that she may hurt family members without even knowing she is doing it.

Sorry for the long spill, it’s the first time I’ve really put it all out there, but as we say in our house, ‘just keep swimming’ ????

Thank you for your support and if you can, please share our go fund me link, we need assistance in getting the much needed funds, please and thank you!


Any donation is really appreciated.

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