New Revolutionary Medicine Organizer Remmie To Work With Both GP And Herbal Medicine

REM Health Check Technologies has recently launched its breakthrough Remmie medicine organizer that assures effective medicine organization and monitoring for both GP and herbal medications.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 14, 2017: Medicine organizers are not new but they mostly work with GP medicines. What about those days when one roots for herbal pills? Well, no worries anymore! A Winnipeg-based smart startup REM Health Check Technologies has come up with its game-changing Remmie medicine organizer which assures breezy medicine organization and monitoring for both GP & herbal medications. It’s for the first time ever; the patients will be getting a tracker software that will make life easier for them around both GP and herbal pills. The route to good health gets a wee bit easier this New Year.

Remmie runs on all kinds of browsing devices, including computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.



“We are excited to bring to you our new innovative Remmie medicine organizer software that will help you with an effective management of both your GP and organic pills. It’s simple to use and is aimed to help you to keep tab on all your medications and their timing of consumption with text and email alerts. This way, whether it’s a pill for headache prescribed by your physician or the new natural weight-loss pill that you are taking to, you will never forget your timing with our Remmie. We are here to make life more convenient for you to ensure a faster and better recovery”, stated Mr. Andrew McLaren, the President and CEO of REM Health Check Technologies.

Speaking of the inspiration behind Remmie, Mr. McLaren spoke about his younger days when he used to get sick often only to end up with heaps of medications from different doctors. So many medications and instructions were really challenging to manage and such a messy situation nudged him to think about a software that could remind him the timing for each medication and can also help him to stay in touch with the doctors, thus Remmie was born.

“The software even gave me the very ability to empower my physicians to monitor my health-care & I regained my health soon after.” He added in.



Remmie is designed to perform a wealth of tasks such as:

  • Creation of everyday medication schedule
  • Creation of medicine alerts
  • Creation of alerts for doctor appointments
  • Easy scheduling, monitoring & tracking of medicine inventory so that the user always knows when he needs to buy the next batch
  • Note down the symptoms

Remmie also hosts a Note section where the users can jot down anything they wish to discuss with their doctors.

“It’s an evolving concept and we are continuously re-designing it to empower both the user patients and their doctors. Of late, we have been expanding its functions to cover all the features and aspects of everyone’s favorite fitness tracker program Fitbit and its Eco System to integrate their biometrics & weight-tracker functionalities. Moreover, we are designing a doctor’s login system in the program to assure easy patient monitoring for the doctors.”

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