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A public accountant is someone charged with providing accounting services for businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations and governments, while the services provided by public accounting firms will vary in accordance to the size and expertise of the firm, some of the services offered are preparation, review and audit of a client’s financial statement; tax work such as the preparation of income tax returns or estate and tax planning; providing advice involving accounting systems, acquisitions or mergers. The work carried out by public accountants is vital to the proper functioning of a business as well as the safekeeping of an individual’s finances.

Milton Barbarosh is a certified public accountant (CPA) with over 25 years of experience in the world of financial investments. In 2011 he created The Empire Global Advisory Services where he serves as President. He attended McGill University where he studied public accountancy and then went on to obtain a Master’s in Business Administration from York University. From very early on, Milton was widely regarded as one of the best in his field and was a highly-valued employee for KPMG as well as the Royal Bank of Canada. He did not waste his opportunity and cultivated his experience in investment banking and business administration, which then allowed him to perfect his skills. He is a team player who has always placed a high value on interaction and constructive assistance.

It is relatively simple to continue working somewhere where one is highly valued and taking the next step and building a successful and independent career might seem a daunting process; however, Milton was able to establish himself and form his own company owing in great part to having built his portfolio with a wide range of clients from very diverse backgrounds. Contact with such diverse and interesting people enabled Milton to gain a wider perspective of the world of accounting and allowed him to understand it from different angles. His skillset comes, not only from learning while on the job and being open to different perspectives, but also from his eagerness to pass on his knowledge and skills to his employees and others looking to branch out into a career in investment banking.

Milton strives to be able to provide as many potential investors as possible with a trustworthy and successful investment banking experience, which is why he has allowed his career to be followed, mirrored and publicly promoted. This has allowed him to continue learning new skills and perspectives as well as pass on his knowledge and provide an expert point of view, which has been proven to be very beneficial for all parties involved. This has definitely endeared him to the community and earned him his status as a trusted and respected financial advisor who is and always available and ready to provide insight.

Evidently Milton has a strong sense of commitment to his profession and in assisting others in the furthering of their own careers. He has strived to strengthen the relationship between accountants to become a collective asset and has shown this commitment in both his personal and professional life.

He is currently the acting leader of several leading organizations such as Licensed ABV (Accredited Business Valuator) and Certified General Management Accountant (CGMA), as well as many others.

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Company Name: Stenton Leigh Group
Contact Person: Milton Barbarosh
Address:1143 W Newport Center Drive
City: Deerfield Beach
State: Florida
Country: United States