Wisconsin Man wages war on invasive feral cats, animal rights mob cyber bully in retaliation.

WILD ROSE, WISCONSIN – 14 Feb, 2017 – My name is Sam Wood I am a strong advocate for conservation and the outdoor lifestyle. I run a web page and Facebook page called Sam Wood Outdoors on this page I share my adventures and I also try and teach and pass on my addiction for the outdoors and conservation. One subject I am very passionate about is invasive species and the damage they do.

A post came up in my news feed a while about feral cats and the damage they are doing to our native birds and wildlife. I was so moved by the facts I began a two pronged approach to the problem, one I humanly kill any feral cats that come into my traps, two I try to educate my followers and the general public about the damage these invasive animals do.As part of my public education efforts I posted feral cat facts on my Facebook page and it got picked up by the carpbusters Facebook page.It resulted in a firestorm of insults, vulgarity and abuse by animal rights advocates.

They have called the police and Mayor of my small town and asked that I be arrested even though the killing of feral cats is not illegal, they have sent dozens of complaints to Facebook and eventually got my page shut down for 24 hours. It wont stop me from following my passions but I dont understand how a person can claim to love animals and treat people so badly.

Anyway there’s a lot to this story and I would like to get my side out as I fight the good fight against invasive species to protect our native wildlife.

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