“20-Minute Networking Meeting College Edition” is a Must-Own Guide for Graduates Seeking a Job

The business world is a complex mystery for many recent college graduates, but the new “The 20-Minute Networking Meeting College Edition” is designed by executive recruitment experts Nathan A. Perez and Dr. Marcia Ballinger, to help demystify the process of building a network of professional contacts that can lead to that dream job.  This powerful guide provides the essential tools necessary to set up 20-minute meetings with potential mentors, company executives and corporate recruiters, and use those meetings to fully leverage your skills and unique qualities. These short meetings with potential contacts put you directly in the middle of the ‘Invisible or Hidden job market’ where almost 70 percent of jobs are obtained.

The authors of “The 20-Minute Networking Meeting College Edition” have spent a combined 4 decades of helping professionals and executives take advantage of networking and employment opportunities, where networking is a major component of their work.  Nathan Perez is considered one of the most connected individuals on LinkedIn worldwide with expertise in over 3 industries, and Dr. Marcia Ballinger, Board Chair of Capella University, has spent more than 15 years helping countless senior executives transition into new companies where she has served as recruiter and liaison to some of the largest for-profit and non-profit organizations in the country. 

“The 20-Minute Networking Meeting College Edition” is based on the 20MNM Executive Edition, its critically acclaimed predecessor, and provides incisive analysis of what networking is, breaking down the meeting into its 5 most important parts. Each component of the networking meeting is then deconstructed further so that users can understand what they should be providing and how to provide it. By using the 20MNM, you can ensure more meetings, with positive reception and respectful use of a professional contact’s time.  The 20MNM is distilled from leading industry advice offered by senior executives and professional recruitment experts from around the nation.

In order to make “The 20-Minute Networking Meeting College Edition” available to as many job seekers as possible, in as many formats as possible, Nathan Perez and Marcia Ballinger have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Pubslush to raise $15,000. These funds will go towards editing, jacket design, marketing, website design and app development.  In return for your generous contribution, you may receive first editions, signed copies, online reviews with an author, hosted workshops, or a professional job search networking plan. To learn more about “The 20-Minute Networking Meeting College Edition” or to make a financial contribution, please visit http://pubslush.com/project/3255

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