Market Trend of Electric Bike In 2017

The market of electric bike is optimistic according to eight signals of the electric vehicle industry.

In the past year, the electric vehicle industry in China has suffered too much. But the following eight signals show that 2017 is full of good expectations for us.  

Signal 1: Environmental protection storm intensifies the industry reshuffle. In recent years, a large number of small factories without the qualification of environmental protection have been closed. 

Signal 2: Prohibition of battery delivery benefits stores. As batteries are forbidden to delivered by courier, online sellers have lots of difficulties selling electric bikes. 

Signal 3: Factories are broken down in groups. In 2016, heavy-polluted enterprises were forced to collapsed and at least 500 dealers operating poorly closed down.  Since the electric vehicle industry is in a situation of oversupply, so the emergence of closures is not a bad thing. 

Signal 4: Raw material prices continue to rise. With the rise of raw material prices, price war has been contained for a certain degree, which plays an important role in promoting healthy development of the electric car industry. 

Signal 5: Remediation of excessive electric vehicles continue to upgrade. As long as new national standard has not been released, local governments  vigorously restrict the application of electric vehicles. Punishment and off shop happened everywhere. All these phenomenon have aroused the attention of Chinese government, leading the new national standard to be released at the end of 2019. 

Signal 6: Low-speed electric vehicle standards will soon be issued. At the end of last year, the National Standard Commission issued a Notice including technical standards for four wheel low-speed electric vehicles. The Notice showed that the project cycle of the four-wheel low-speed electric vehicle technical conditions was 24 months. 

Signal 7: Regenerative Lead Industry Specification has been implemented. On December 13, 2016, Chinese government not only regulated the recycling processes and systems of waste batteries but also raised the access threshold of renewable lead enterprises. This policy has a positive effect on inhibition the plunge in lead prices. 

Signal 8: State Council officially supports the industry of Intelligent Lithium-ion electric vehicle. Recently, the State Council has specifically provided guidance to intelligent lithium bicycles and other consumer products. The is a great news for the electric vehicle industry upgrade, the same to Onebot T8 by Shenzhen Concepts Wit Technology Co.,LTD. As a patented unique foldable electric scooter bike, Onebot T8 would have a big room of market potential in 2017, with its comfortable riding design, long mileage battery support, as well as flexible folding process. 

The above eight clear signals are positive for industry development in 2017. So we should be inspired and believe the electric vehicle industry must be better in the future.  

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