National Launch Of VideoPal Creates Excitement Among IM Critics, As Exclusive Agency Released by Todd Gross

Recently Launched VideoPal Tool Creates Buzz In Web Marketing Review Circles, As Premium Review Released by Todd Gross. Facebook to Introduce 15-Second Long Video Ads for Non-Live Video Content

The current release of VideoPal is making waves among marketing professionals due to its claim of providing marketers with on-demand user data to help figure out what consumers really want.

Henry F, an expert internet marketer, has provided a full guide and comprehensive review for the VideoPal tool, available on this now popular video:

Due to Henryís vast experience with conversion and optimization strategies, he is considered a credible VideoPal review critic. According to Mr. Ford Video Pal users should pay attention to Facebook’s latest marketing updates.

Facebook has confirmed that it will be limiting its mid-roll video ads to 15 seconds, and will be giving advertisers the opportunity to pick the content categories that they can interrupt with their ads, however they may want more control over the way that the ads are placed. Last year, Facebook introduced the idea of interrupting Live broadcasts with some mid-roll advertising, and this year they are planning to do the same with non-Live videos. They will be injecting ads into videos after the video content has been playing for at least 20 seconds, and the ads will be no more than 15 seconds long. Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of Partnerships, said that they would be looking at them as a monetization opportunity for regular video content; something which makes sense now that Facebook is stocking up on original and licensed show content.

For advertisers, the content will be enabled by default when they buy a video ad campaign, and the placement will be called in stream videos. Advertisers will have to uncheck the placement if they don’t want to see the ad run in the middle of another publisher’s video. The option will not be available for video ads that run for longer than 15 seconds. Advertisers will have the option to pick categories, such as sports, or humor, and also to ignore specific categories such as mature audiences and tragedy and conflict. This is not quite as narrow as other advertising options, and some content creators may feel that they need more control over the placement of their ads. Others are already concerned that the introduction of the ads could cause video creators to modify the content they post, trying to retain viewers past that initial 20 second point where the ad appears.

Henry Fordís complete VideoPal bonus, in addition to his exclusive review, can be viewed on the now trending YouTube video:

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