Multi-Disciplinary Holistic Healing Center Will Soon Revolutionize Field

Stacey Leigh Mohr is a longtime advocate of alternative healing therapies, having found little relief for her chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in Western medicine.  Not until she explored naturopath treatments did she finally find a cure for her enduring symptoms. Today, Stacey is eager to share her enthusiasm for these powerful healing therapies with others by opening a multi-disciplinary healing center in Northern California designated as “Waves of Change”. This new center will offer clients a wide range of healing pathways as well as publish an informative, comprehensive journal on New Age, holistic and metaphysical healing communities in the Bay area.

Unlike most alternative healing centers, “Waves of Change” is based on the philosophy that every client should be able to explore an array of healing methodologies. These include:

• Life Coaching
• Nutritional Coaching
• Naturopthathic Medicine
• Energy Work
• Ayurveda
• Hypnotherapy
• ThetaHealing™
• Past Life Regression
• Acupuncture
• Intuitive Readings
• Massage
• Art and Music Therapy
• Homeopathy
• Meditation
• Reiki
• Guided Imagery

Stacey and the highly experienced professionals at “Waves of Change” recognize that the healing modality that helps one person may not necessarily be as effective with another, so clients should be provided as many options as possible. In order to assist newcomers find the most promising therapeutic option, they will receive an initial, one-on-one consultation and ongoing guidance.

In addition to a revolutionary new healing center, “Waves of Change” will also oversee the publication of a bi-monthly periodical entitled “The Wave.”  “The Wave” will include information about holistic and metaphysical practitioners throughout the Bay area, as well as insightful articles about health topics.  This will be among the first magazines devoted to all of the alternative healing disciplines in Northern California, and the only one of its kind in the San Francisco metropolitan area.

“Waves of Change” will also create and sell Ritual Baskets.  Ritual Baskets are unique, beautiful baskets which should inspire a spiritual transformation. These delightful baskets can be gifts for special occasions or merely to help brighten the mood of a friend.

Although “Waves of Change” is already preparing for launch, Stacey Leigh Mohr is asking for financial support from the public.  Stacey has invested almost $28,000 of her own funds into this project, but she is asking for support from people who share her vision to match her contribution. The funds from her crowdfunding campaign on RocketHub will go towards facility rental, furnishings, marketing, publication of “The Wave,” and production of Ritual Baskets. In return for a financial contribution, donors may receive valuable perks like Ritual Baskets, copies of “The Wave,” T-shirts, life coaching sessions, or admission to two-day transformative retreats. To learn more about “Waves of Change” or to make a donation, please visit

“Waves of Change” has also partnered with the gifted Traditional Naturopath who helped her heal from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to offer free consultations (a $200 value) to eligible financial supporters of this RocketHub campaign. For more information about this special bonus premium, go to

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