Diana M. Needham Reaches Three Best Seller Lists with ‘The Authority Mindset’

Marketing Strategist and Online Media Strategist, Diana M. Needham, is featured in the new book, “The Authority Mindset.” The book recently reached three Amazon Top Ten Best Seller lists and is currently available in the Amazon Kindle bookstore.

This triple best-selling book reached the #1 spot in the ‘Professional Development’ category, the #2 slot in the ‘E-Commerce’ category, and the #4 slot in the ‘Web Marketing’ category on Wednesday August 13, 2014.

The book was compiled from conversations, mastermind sessions and the experience of top marketing consultants around the world on the specific and powerful topic of Authority Positioning. Each contributing author has spent years helping entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, not just with marketing tactics, but with developing “The Authority Mindset” that is required to gain the expert recognition from prospects, customers and even national media.

Diana M. Needham started Needham Business Consulting in 2008 following a 26 year term in the corporate world as Director and Vice President at JP Morgan Chase. As she worked her way up to a highly visible leadership role, she realized that what she enjoyed most about her banking career – the mentoring of her staff and teams – was quickly becoming a thing of the past. Without the ability to work closely with her staff, all that was left were the processes, the long hours, the anxiety, and the paycheck. The position that served her well and for which she had been grateful, had changed enough to have her walk away from the corporate world, and into the entrepreneurial world.

Similar to the refinement of banking processes, Diana now leverages her planning, communication, and implementation skills, working closely with clients to streamline their businesses, step by step, and is again in a position of mentor and advocate for success.

She now works with authors, speakers, and consultants to map out what Diana calls their ‘fastest (simplest) path to cash.’ I’m always planning marketing strategies from the perspective of asking: What is the fastest way for my clients to get in front of their ideal clients and to grow their visibility and expert status?”

Diana explains, “What I have discovered by working with hundreds of entrepreneursis that we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. I am all about keeping it simple to take action, actually implement, and get real results (more profits, more income, and more clients). I help authors, speakers, and consultants who are frustrated, overwhelmed, and stressed, to determine how to market their businesses and map out their ‘fastest path to cash.’ Being highly visible to their market is a critical key to success.”

For more information and to connect with Diana Needham on LinkedIn visit: www.LinkedIn.com/in/dianamneedham/

Learn more about Needham Business Consulting at: http://dianamneedham.com/

“The Authority Mindset” is available in the Amazon Bookstore at http://www.amazon.com/Authority-Mindset-Principles-Establishing-Yourself-ebook/dp/B00MK9NBKU/

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