Federal case exposes Court officers operating Criminal Cabal

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA – 2/16/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — In a well-documented federal lawsuit filed in the US Federal Court, Western District of Oklahoma on the 8th of February,  a north Texas father of two is seeking more than $200 Million in compensatory damages.  The suit maintains a prominent and well placed Oklahoma City based attorney, with the assistance of at least four other court officers and officials, including two special appointed judges are operating a criminal cabal within the civil court system of the Oklahoma County District Court.  The suit outlines a period of more than 6 years in which Cathy Christensen and her fellow defendants conspired within the district court to advise, encourage, aid, direct and enable themselves to violate state civil and criminal laws in order to illegally obtain financial awards paid directly to Ms. Christensen and other court officers and officials.  The criminal acts committed by the defendants, as shown within the complaint, include multiple counts of extortion, fraud, and coercion.  The scheme, as graphically outlined within the complaint, shows patterns of criminal and unethical behavior displayed by the defendants including fraud upon the court, identity theft, kidnapping and illegal seizure of assets in order to benefit the defendants.  The federal complaint argues this activity not only violated federal law, but also violated federally protected civil and Constitutional rights of the victim and others.

The unique nature of this complaint shows the victim had previously prevailed in an appeal against the acts of the defendants issued by the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals in February of 2015.  Further evidence provided shows the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a mandate ordering the defendants to cease and desist in June of 2015.   The appellate court findings and the mandate clearly provide evidence the defendants acted without legal authority and in direct violation of multiple state and federal laws.  The complaint graphically shows the defendants acting illegally, unlawfully and devoid of ethics, purposefully acting to circumvent the appellate court’s findings prior to the release of the Supreme Court’s writ in order to maintain the illusion of authority. 

The lawsuit further outlines the scheme’s complicated method of operation enacted in civil court.  The criminal nature of the scheme includes unlawful orders, and determinations, as well as extortive sanctions, based upon fraudulent motions filed by Ms. Christensen and her associates, in order to illegally obtain the direct distribution of monetary awards paid to the defendants, the majority of them court officials.  The most graphic of these actions occurred during a 28-month period of constant assault by the defendants upon the victim.  The actions of the defendants resulted in the victim suffering a debilitating stroke, which required the removal of more than forty-percent of the victim’s lower brain in August of 2014.  Apparently, undeterred by the near fatal result of their actions, the defendants led by Ms. Christensen in December of 2014 terrorized the now debilitated victim in order to extort an additional $15,000 by threat of illegal incarceration.  Records presented within the complaint clearly show this occurred despite evidence of the victim’s injury and testimony that such confinement would likely result in the victim’s immediate death.

The victim, as shown within the complaint, afterward made a series of civil and criminal referrals to the Oklahoma Committee for Judicial Complaints, as well as the State’s Attorney General’s office.   Records presented as evidence, show Ms. Christensen abused her position as a committee member of the Judicial Complaints Committee to not only derail the victim’s efforts, but also encourage other officials to ignore civil and criminal complaints filed against the defendants.  The Oklahoma Attorney General’s office declined to comment on this matter citing the filed federal case. 

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