CSI Awareness Partners Up With ManageYOURiD To Fight Cyberstalking

CSI Awareness has recently partnered with ManageYOURiD to wage a robust fight against the staggering menace of cyberstalking today. While the former is aimed to spread awareness about the crime and lend support to the victims through the cyberstalking awareness campaign, ManageYOURiD has developed a proprietary robot technology that can remove personal data from online sites in just 60 seconds.

1 million+ women and over 370,000 men are stalked annually in the States. The crime is duly abetted by the easy availability of personal information online which can be accessed by anybody through people finder sites, with a simple search of the target’s name on Google. Worst is that the victims generally stay silent about the crimes inflicted upon them, which further aid the evil stalkers to roam loose unpunished.

Founded by Forbes top 10 digital marketing strategist Kris Degioia, CSI Awareness is driven to lessen victimization from cyberstalking as well as theft and disparagement from the online assailants. U.S. Army Special Forces Captain (retired) Mykel Hawke and renowned investigator, CSI & Cybercrime specialist Joey Orgeta have also joined her in her fight against the crime. Both Degioia and Hawke have been the victims of cyberstalking in the past.

Stalking has become more convenient now than ever, given the easy access to our personal information over the internet. Hence, when we are looking forward to put an end to the danger we have to strike at the problem at its roots, precisely we have to take steps to dilute down the accessibility of our personal data for the online assailants. Thus, we teamed up with ManageYOURiD as the company assures an effective prevention of cyberstalking by breezy removal of identity data online in just a minute”, stated Kris Degioia while announcing the news of the partnership.

Founded by data privacy expert Todd Drake, ManageYOURiD has come up with its state of the art proprietary Protect-boats that covertly scouts and removes all personal data from the people finder sites online. The company talks of an automated procedure which enables people to regain the reigns on personal and private data conveniently & affordably.

Kris Degioia and her devoted team at CSI Awareness are now looking forward to talk to Congressmen and Senators to urge them to pass a bill that will help to launch a more productive fight against cyberstalking.

“Cyberstalking is a nasty thing and its consequence is beyond traumatic. A victim myself, I was forced to change my name, contact number and move 3 times. We are trying hard with our awareness campaign, but we also need a structured proper legal standing here to scare and punish the sick stalkers. With the crime accelerating at a spiked rate today, it’s high time for our government to legislate a bill to solidify the measures to curb the problem.” Kris added in.

CSI Awareness has also launched a crowdfunding campaign at GoFundMe (http://www.gofundme.com/cyberstalkingstories) in support of its government approved innovative software which is engineered to keep track of the stalking issue experienced by a victim- so that it’s easier for the police to catch the criminal.

To support CSI Awareness in its needed fight against cyberstalking, visit http://www.csiawareness.com.

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