OPTM Healthcare’s Natural Alternate to Treat Osteoarthritis

OPTM Healthcare, with its ever evolving streak of innovating absolutely natural treatments with 100% recovery, has devised a remarkable alternative …

OPTM Healthcare, with its ever evolving streak of innovating absolutely natural treatments with 100% recovery, has devised a remarkable alternative to treat osteoarthritis with phytomedicines. Its team of professional physicians has scientifically developed plant-originated Indian herbal medicines, known as phytomedicines, to use as an excellent cure for this disease along with many others.

Phytomedicine is formed on the basis of an ancient, traditional yet scientific, global system and is highly effective, particularly in the case of Osteoarthritis. This is the most natural treatment ensuring a complete result with no harmful side effects. Applying an extremely natural, simple treatment and one with minimum impact on the human body, is what makes OPTM Healthcare different from others of its league.

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OPTM Healthcare Making a Difference….

In most cases of osteoarthritis, several physicians offer the old school ways like physio, anti-depressant therapies and weight control as well as medicinal drugs like paracetamol, topical, opiod or the steroids etc., which is not only hazardous, if practiced repeatedly but may not even suffice at times. And thereafter, in circumstances of an acute/ chronic pain, both physicians as well as patients, in their desperate attempt to get rid of the prolonged pain, generally resort to the surgical treatment. Surgery may sooth the severe condition at present but it adversely affects the body, both physically and mentally, for a long duration with some after effects, which stay for life.

However, Dr. Apurba Ganguly, the globally renowned youngest director in healthcare, has come up with an absolutely natural alternative treatment which involves topical applications of phytoconstituents from the medicinal plants, manually applied with a wooden roller and pulse-therapy technique for a period of 42 days. The major beneficial highlights of this treatment are:

  • Patients completely and permanently recover from all pain and discomfort
  • Knee symmetry is achieved anatomically, not achievable otherwise even through surgery.
  • Use of harmful steroids, having severe affects, withdrawn from day one of treatment.
  • Symmetry of knee joint movement achieved with flexion in supine position within days of treatment.
  • And others like stiffness of muscles reversed, muscular wasting reduced, inflammation of joints reduced and muscle strength increased.

Dr. Apurba Ganguly at OPTM has been successful in curing several patients, naturally, totally eliminating the detrimental impacts of a surgery. Dr. Ganguly’s envision for devising methodologies which are a unique blend of modern science and our traditional medical legacy, is building on a new scenario in the field of health and medicine.  

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