AR Avid Homes – a real estate business with a heart

The market is filled with real estate companies but most of them only work for profit without considering the client’s interest, AR Avid Homes is not one of those companies. The company was started by Robert and his sister Arcelia for developing the community through real estate and helping people find the house of their dreams.

The brother-sister duo have been renovating homes for 3 years before they decided to establish their own real estate business and help individuals and families to find a safe and comfortable home. They help single fathers, single mothers and teenagers with a minimum wage job to find a place to live. With their rent to own program, the company helps people in becoming financially responsible. The business turns distressed houses into safe and comfortable homes for economically challenged or disadvantaged individuals and families.

AR Avid homes helps people find homes in the Fresno county and surrounding areas by purchasing run-down properties and renovating them over a two month time frame and then renting them to the individuals. The business works with a core aim to help those who are struggling with finances, in finding a home. With this humanitarian oriented real estate business, those having poor credit history, a new job or lesser wages will finally be able to have a home of their own.

To work in the real estate business for the cause of people is no easy task which is why the company has started a fundraising campaign on the crowd funding website The goal is to raise $50,000 which will be used for renovation tools and future property purchases. To ensure the fair pricing of the houses, the company does most of the work itself except electrical and plumbing. The success of the fundraiser will ensure that the company is able to purchase new tools for renovating the distressed neighborhoods and turn them into comfortable living spaces.

AR Avid homes can also help those who face difficulty in having a conventional loan due to bad credit or other reasons. They offer attractive lease options to the tenant that allows them to live in the home while they work on repairing their credit or employment situation. The tenants can live there for one or two years while paying down a portion of their selling price.

Though the brother-sister duo started this business to earn some extra income, it turned out to be a great opportunity for them to help out the disadvantaged and enhancing the local community through real estate. They have urged the masses to share and support the campaign.

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