DALLAS,TX – 21 Feb, 2017 – Clinata, the world’s largest research marketplace that brings research sponsors, sites, and service providers including CROs, Recruitment, Monitors, IRBs, and more from across the globe on one singular platform for discovering cures, is making the transition of clinical trial findings, information, and shortcomings to the market more streamlined than ever before.

Borne from a passion for remediating the amount of time-consuming obstacles researchers have to overcome in finding suitable sites and service providers when conducting clinical trials, Clinata uses an advanced recommendation engine that scours through millions of data points, including geo-location, patient demographics, investigator and site experiences, key opinion leaders’ feedback, regulatory landscape, hospital level patient data, and more.

“With Clinata, we aim to make the process of running clinical trials more streamlined, less time consuming, less costly, and more enjoyable for all parties involved,” said Asker A. Ahmed, Co-Founder at Clinata. “Our platform support has the potential to save the entire medical and pharmaceutical industry an enormous amount of money and frustration.”

Clinata works to provide a global platform that connects every component of the research ecosystem together through finding sites, service providers, opinion leaders, and managed projects.

In order to make their services and platform commitments more accessible to people around the world, Clinata announced they are completely redesigning and launching a brand new website in March 2017.

“We are very excited to announce we will be unveiling a new, comprehensive website interface at the end of this month,” said Ahmed. “Our new site is designed to make acquiring our research support easy to navigate and comprehend with a streamlined digital layout. Spread the word on our commitment to enhanced productivity in the research industry, and consider Clinata for fast and efficient market delivery.”

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